AUM definition

AUM means, as of any date, total fee-paying assets under management of the Company, any Operating Group Entity or any of their consolidated subsidiaries as of such date, on a combined basis in accordance with GAAP, as adjusted to give pro forma effect to all pending binding subscriptions in effect on such date and all redemption requirements in effect on such date.

Examples of AUM in a sentence

  • The Borrower shall not permit the AUM of the Credit Parties and their consolidated Subsidiaries as reported on the Compliance Certificate and Reconciliation Statement, as of the last day of any Fiscal Quarter to be less than $20,000,000,000.

More Definitions of AUM

AUM. The market value of a Fund
AUM means total Fund Assets under Management. AUM shall be determined by the Manager in its sole discretion.
AUM means assets under management. “Care” means Care Investment Trust LLC.
AUM means an “animal-unit-month,” which is equivalent to the quantity of forage necessary to sustain one cow and one calf for one month.
AUM means assets under management of an ETF Sponsor as calculated and reported by Bloomberg or its successor, or if not so reported, then calculated by reference to shares outstanding and net asset value of its ETFs as reported by a Bloomberg terminal.