Audit Team definition

Audit Team shall have the meaning set forth in Section 4.9(b).
Audit Team means the individuals carrying out the audit on behalf of the LME, from both the LME and third party auditors representing the LME;"Auditee"means a party subject to audit either directly or indirectly under the Agreement.
Audit Team has the meaning given in paragraph 4.3 of this Schedule;

Examples of Audit Team in a sentence

  • After that date, only data or information that was relevant to the content of the report or its finding could be submitted with the agreement of the Audit Team Lead.

  • Points for non-OAG experience in the public sector or related industry jobs may be awarded if the work and the Key Audit Team Member’s role are fully described and the job is found by the OAG to provide relevant, equivalent experience.

  • To be considered a Key Audit Team Member for an OAG job, the auditor must meet certain minimum experience requirements based on work performed during the past six years.

  • An Audit Team shall be appointed at the next to the last meeting of the Governing Board and shall present its report at the first Governing Board meeting of the new year.

  • Representatives from the above agencies form the DLA TROOP SUPPORT Prime Vendor Product Quality Audit Team.

More Definitions of Audit Team

Audit Team is defined in Section 4.6(b)(i) of this Agreement.
Audit Team means the Lead Auditor and the Independent Reviewer;
Audit Team has the meaning given in paragraph 1.2 (Draft Economic Benefit Statements) of Part E (Economic Benefit Transfer) of this Schedule 3 (Brazil);
Audit Team has the meaning given in paragraph 2.1 of Section A of Part 3 of Schedule 4 [Design and Certification Procedure].
Audit Team has the meaning set forth in Section 2.8(d)(vi)(B).
Audit Team has the meaning set forth in Section 7.10.1.
Audit Team means, at any time, the group of persons specified as such in item 3 of the Schedule, as the composition of that group may have changed otherwise than in breach of clause 10.