Activated definition

Activated means the status of any capacity or part of the Cable System in which any Cable Service requiring the use of that capacity or part is available without further installation of system equipment, whether hardware or software.
Activated means the process taken by retailers to make a pack of instant scratch tickets valid for sale to the gen- eral public.
Activated means a backyard dweller in receipt of a tag giving the right to draw a limited quantity of water from the Municipal reticulation system;

Examples of Activated in a sentence

Grantee shall provide three (3) Activated Downstream Channels for EG Access use in a standard definition (“SD”) digital format.

After the fourth (4th) anniversary of the Effective date, and with at least one hundred twenty (120) day written notice to Grantee, the Grantor may request, and Grantee shall provide on its Cable System, one (1) additional Activated Downstream Channel for EG Access use in a High Definition (“HD”) digital format (“HD Access Channel or Channels”).

Grantee’s Cable System shall be equivalent to or exceed technical characteristics of a traditional HFC 750 MHz Cable System and provide Activated Two-Way capability.

Documents: COUNCIL COMMUNICATION - CHANNEL MONSTER 2018.PDF VII.F. Bids And Recommendation Regarding Return Activated Sludge (RAS) Pump.

Activated orders will be held in a queue for execution in price and time priority in accordance with Trading Procedure 3.8.2.

More Definitions of Activated

Activated means a Cardholder has used an Account to make a purchase, cash advance or balance transfer within ninety calendar days from the issuance of the Account. For purposes of clarity, an Account is not considered Activated due to the imposition of an annual fee, whether the fee is assessed or waived.
Activated means engaged in emergency management activities listed in this chapter and authorized by the state director of the Division of Emergency Management.
Activated means that a Product is enabled for purchases (whether at point of sale, on-line, by telephone and/or otherwise) and capable of being used for purchases from a Retailer.
Activated means, with respect to the Accordion Facility, all conditions precedent set forth in Sections 4.1 and 4.2 have occurred or been satisfied.
Activated means a Qualified IR who has achieved and allocated a minimum of 500 BV on each side of any of his/her Tracking Centres (TC).
Activated in this context means their account status was either “active” or “suspended” as of Dec. 14, 2016.
Activated means (i) generate and store in the eSign application one or more signature key pairs and (ii) optionally store there the related certificates