Zero Sample Clauses

Zero. ZERO" shall mean ZERO Corporation, a Delaware corporation.
Zero. F. The “Stop Loss Premium” shall be as defined in Article IV.
Zero b) Actual avoided cost. In most cases, the actual avoided cost for the decrementing generator is expected to be positive and represents the net financial benefit of variable cost savings associated with reducing the output of the generator. In certain circumstances, actual avoided cost could be negative. This would occur if the owner of the generator incurs a net expense by following the Transmission Provider instruction to reduce the output of the generator. This might occur, for example, if the decrementing generator is required to shut-down and later incur the expense of a unit start-up. The IMM may need to request data from the generation owner in order to establish the appropriate offer cap or bid floor. For example, the IMM may request data needed to determine the incrementing generator’s marginal cost or the decrementing generator’s actual avoided cost. In addition, the IMM may request data from the generation owner to support start-up costs or minimum run-time limitations. If a participant does not provide the requested data, the IMM will estimate the generator’s marginal costs and will assume no start-up costs or avoided costs.
Zero. Downtime Network
Zero. For the purposes of certifying compliance with this specification, zero shall be defined as 0.000001% or (1 x 10 (sixth power))% of the compound as a portion of the weight of the entire product, part, packaging, or material supplied to Seagate.

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Dollars The term “
Ninety six (96) hours for both the mother and newborn following a routine cesarean section. Prior authorization is not required for maternity admissions. Whenever a mother is required to remain hospitalized after childbirth for medical reasons and the mother requests that the newborn remain in the hospital, coverage includes additional hospitalization for the newborn for up to four (4) days. If the delivery occurs in the hospital, the length of stay begins at the time of the delivery. If the delivery occurs outside of the hospital, the length of stay begins upon admission to the hospital. The Member and the Contracting Provider may agree to an early discharge. Non-routine care of the newborn, either during or following the mother’s covered hospitalization, requires that the newborn be covered as a Member in the newborn’s own right. The Agreement describes the steps, if any, necessary to enroll a newborn Dependent child.
Twenty four hour contact details
U.S. Dollars The 2016-3 Lease Agreement is payable solely in Dollars in the United States.
Deposits of Non-U.S. Currencies Notwithstanding the foregoing provisions of this Article, if the Securities of any series are payable in a Currency other than U.S. Dollars, the Currency or the nature of the government obligations to be deposited with the Trustee under the foregoing provisions of this Article shall be as set forth in the Officer’s Certificate or established in the supplemental indenture under which the Securities of such series are issued.
Canadian Dollars All references herein to dollar amounts are to lawful money of Canada.
Stipend You will receive stipend of Rs.10000 (Ten Thousand Rupees Only) per month. The Stipend paid to an Apprentice hereunder shall be fixed during the Term unless the standards are modified by the Board of Apprenticeship and Training or due to the amendment of applicable law. The Apprentice represents to the Company as follows: -
Per Address: 3647 Cortez Road West Address: 3647 Cortez Road West Bradenton, FL 34210 Bradenton, FL 34210 Attention: President Attention: President Telephone: (941) 727-5788 Telephone: (941) 727-5788 Fax: (941) 727-5293 Fax: (941) 727-5293 UTC ACQUISITION CORP. INTERTAPE INTERNATIONAL CORP.
Payments Current All payments required to be made up to the related Closing Date for the Mortgage Loan under the terms of the Mortgage Note have been made and credited. No payment required under the Mortgage Loan is 30 days or more delinquent nor has any payment under the Mortgage Loan been 30 days or more delinquent at any time since the origination of the Mortgage Loan;
Increments Leave of absence shall not affect annual increments, when granted for educational purposes and parental leave. (Reference Article 12 - Anniversary Date and Increments.)