Your Resignation Sample Clauses

Your Resignation. If you resign your employment for Good Reason, as defined below, within twelve (12) months after or three (3) months before a Change of Control, you will be entitled to the Severance Benefits, contingent on your compliance with the Severance Conditions. If you resign your employment without Good Reason, Company shall pay you your Accrued Amounts on the date of termination or, if otherwise provided in an applicable employee benefit plan, in accordance with the time and form of payment provisions of such plan, as permitted by law. All other Company obligations to you will be automatically terminated and completely extinguished.
Your Resignation. If You resign Your employment with the Company, You shall provide the Company with thirty (30) days advance written notice of such resignation (the “Notice Period”); provided, however, that the Company may, at any time during the Notice Period, terminate Your employment for any or no reason. If the Company terminates Your employment for any reason prior to the expiration of the Notice Period, then: (i) the Company will pay You all accrued but unpaid wages through the 30th date of termination based on Your then-current base salary, and (ii) such termination shall still be considered a resignation under this sub-section E. Nothing in this sub-section E shall alter the at-will employment relationship between You and the Company as set forth in Section 1 above.
Your Resignation. You may resign from your employment by giving us not less than four (4) weekswritten notice. At Company’s sole option, Company may waive the obligation for you to work in active employment during the period following the tendering of such notice of resignation. If Company elects to exercise its option to waive the obligation to work during the notice of resignation period, then you agree to be placed on garden leave without advancing the argument of constructive dismissal. Alternatively, the Company may elect to immediately terminate your employment and provide you with only the minimum statutory requirements required in consideration of the termination of one’s employment.
Your Resignation. (d) Your employment will automatically terminate upon your death and may be terminated by us if it is determined that you are unable to perform your job due to a disability (i.e., your suffering from an injury, illness or impairment such that you are unable to perform the PE RML Employer Employee essential functions of your job after reasonable accommodation for a period in excess of that permissible under applicable state or federal law).
Your Resignation. You may terminate you employment by providing AXT with six (6) weeks’ written notice of such termination. AXT’s total liability to you in the event of termination of employment under this subsection will be limited to the payment of your salary and other earned compensation through the effective date of termination.
Your Resignation. The Company and you acknowledge that you have resigned, effective December 31, 2005 (the “Resignation Date”), from your employment with the Company as its Executive Vice President, from all positions held by you as an officer or director of any affiliate of the Company and from all positions held by you with any of the Company’s or its unionsbenefit plans.
Your Resignation. You may elect to resign your employment with Company at any time from either your Current Position or from the Constant Employee position. Any termination of your employment by the Company other than for Cause, as provided above in sub- sections b. through d., shall be deemed for all purposes to be “without Cause.” Upon termination of your employment for any reason, - you will be entitled to receive (i) all earned but unpaid base salary owed through the effective date of termination, (ii) all accrued but unused vacation owed through the effective date of termination, as applicable, and (iii) any reimbursements owed through the effective date of termination ((i), (ii) and (iii) collectively, the “Accrued Amounts”). In the event of the termination of your employment by Company for any reason other than Cause, you, or your heirs, shall be paid, in addition to the Accrued Amounts, and subject to the conditions and qualifications set forth above in subsection c. of this Section regarding a Disability termination, the remainder of the Severance Payments in the method and amount provided herein through the Final Severance Payments as described above. In the event of a Cause termination, you will be paid nothing other than the Accrued Amounts and shall forfeit any remainder Severance Payments. If you voluntarily resign your employment you will receive the Accrued Amounts and will forfeit any remaining payments of Severance Payments, unless the Company, in its sole discretion, determines otherwise. Except as expressly provided under this Agreement or as required by law, no other compensation, severance, or benefits will be due or payable to you subsequent to termination.

Related to Your Resignation

Director Resignations The Company shall use its reasonable best efforts to cause to be delivered to Parent resignations executed by each director of the Company in office as of immediately prior to the Effective Time and effective upon the Effective Time.
Termination and Resignation The Company shall have the right to terminate the Executive's employment hereunder at any time and for any reason, and upon any such termination the Executive shall be entitled to receive from the Company prompt payment of the amount determined pursuant to the applicable subparagraph of Paragraph 7 below. The Executive shall have the right to terminate his employment hereunder at any time by resignation, and he shall thereupon be entitled to receive from the Company prompt payment of the amount determined pursuant to the applicable subparagraph of Paragraph 7 below.
Resignation for Good Reason As used herein, “Good Reason” shall mean the occurrence of any of the following, without Executive’s express written consent: (i) a material reduction of Executive’s duties or responsibilities; (ii) a material reduction in the Executive’s Base Salary without the express written consent of the Executive, other than an across-the-board reduction in compensation levels that applies to all senior executives generally; (iii) the relocation of Executive’s principal work location to a facility or a location that is 50 miles from the current geographic location at which Executive provides services; or (iv) a material breach by the Company of Sections 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 or 7 of this Agreement; provided, that no resignation for Good Reason shall be effective unless and until (A) Executive has first provided the Company with written notice specifically identifying the acts or omissions constituting the grounds for “Good Reason” within thirty (30) days after Executive has or should reasonably be expected to have had knowledge of the occurrence thereof, (B) the Company has not cured such acts or omissions within thirty (30) days of its actual receipt of such notice, and (C) the effective date of Executive’s termination for Good Reason occurs no later than ninety (90) days after the initial existence of the facts or circumstances constituting Good Reason. Failure to timely provide such written notice or to timely resign employment means that Executive will be deemed to have consented to and irrevocably waived the potential Good Reason event. If the Company does timely cure or remedy the Good Reason event, then Executive may either resign his or her employment without Good Reason or Executive may continue to remain employed subject to the terms of this Agreement. If Executive’s termination of employment is for “Good Reason” and is also a Separation from Service, then Company shall, subject to Section 8(f) and Section 8(i) below and Executive’s execution and non-revocation of a binding release in accordance with Section 8(h) below, have the same obligations as are set forth in Section 8(a) above under the circumstance when a termination without Cause is also a Separation from Service.
Termination for Cause; Resignation If the Executive’s employment terminates due to a Termination for Cause or a Resignation, Base Salary earned but unpaid as of the date of such termination will be paid to the Executive in accordance with Section VI-D below. Outstanding stock options and other equity awards held by the Executive as of the date of termination will be treated in accordance with their terms. Except as provided in this paragraph, the Company will have no further obligations to the Executive hereunder.
Resignation of NCPS NCPS may resign and be discharged from the performance of its duties hereunder at any time by giving fifteen (15) business days prior written notice to the Broker and the Issuer specifying a date when such resignation shall take effect. Upon any such notice of resignation, the Broker and Issuer jointly shall appoint a successor NCPS hereunder prior to the effective date of such resignation. The retiring NCPS shall transmit all records pertaining to the Escrow Funds and shall pay all Escrow Funds to the successor NCPS, after making copies of such records as the retiring NCPS deems advisable. After any retiring NCPS’s resignation, the provisions of this Escrow Agreement shall inure to its benefit as to any actions taken or omitted to be taken by it while it was escrow agent under this Escrow Agreement. Any corporation or association into which NCPS may be merged or converted or with which it may be consolidated shall be the escrow agent under this Escrow Agreement without further act.
Deemed Resignation Upon termination of Executive’s employment for any reason, Executive shall be deemed to have resigned from all offices and board memberships, if any, then held with the Company or any of its affiliates, and, at the Company’s request, Executive shall execute such documents as are necessary or desirable to effectuate such resignations.
Voluntary Resignation; Termination for Cause If Executive’s employment with the Company terminates (i) voluntarily by Executive (other than for Good Reason) or (ii) for Cause by the Company, then Executive will not be entitled to receive severance or other benefits except for those (if any) as may then be established under the Company’s then existing severance and benefits plans and practices or pursuant to other written agreements with the Company.
Removal; Resignation A Director may be removed, with or without cause, at any time, by the Member. A Director may resign at any time by giving written notice to the Company. Any resignation shall take effect at the time of the receipt of such notice or at any later time specified in such notice. Unless otherwise specified in such notice, the acceptance of the resignation shall not be necessary to make it effective.
Voluntary Resignation In the event of the Participant’s voluntary Termination (other than a voluntary Termination described in Section 4(d) hereof), the vested portion of the Option shall remain exercisable until the earlier of (i) thirty (30) days from the date of such Termination, and (ii) the expiration of the stated term of the Option pursuant to Section 3(d) hereof.
Voluntary Resignation or Termination for Cause If the Employee's employment with the Company terminates as a result of the Employee's voluntary resignation which is not an Involuntary Termination or if the Employee is terminated for Cause at any time after a Change of Control, then the Employee shall not be entitled to receive severance or other benefits hereunder, but may be eligible for those benefits (if any) as may then be established under the Company's then existing severance and benefits plans and policies at the time of such termination.