WORKERS Sample Clauses

WORKERS. CONTRACTOR shall at all times enforce strict discipline and good order among his employees and shall not employ on work any unfit person or anyone not skilled in work assigned to him or her. Any person in the employ of the CONTRACTOR whom GUSD may deem incompetent or unfit shall be dismissed from the job site and shall not again be employed at site without written consent from GUSD.
WORKERS. In the case of an accident which will be compensated by the Workers' Compensation Board, the Hospital will pay the employee's wage for the day of the accident.
WORKERS. A. Contractor shall at all times enforce strict discipline and good order among Contractor’s employees. Contractor and subcontractor shall not employ any person or anyone not skilled (or unfit, unqualified), in assigned work.
WORKERS. Compensation insurance for the state of Washington. (4) Such insurance, as provided under items (1), (2), above, shall be endorsed to include the City of Seattle, its officers, elected officials, employees, agents and volunteers as additional insured on ISO form CG2026 or equivalent, and shall not be reduced or canceled without forty-five (45) days prior written notice to the City. (5) The Recipient’s insurance shall be primary as respects the City and any other insurance maintained by the City shall be excess and not contributing insurance with the Recipient’s insurance.
WORKERS. The Centre agrees to cover all workers supplied by the Union for work at the Centre under the coverage of the Worker's Compensation Act or some similar insurance coverage with benefits at least equal to those provided by the said Act. Other Areas In other areas as defined in Clause it is agreed that Union workers shall be used to perform work when labour is required to handle costumes related directly to performances, as defined in Clause and fashion shows, exclusive of banquets, receptions, meetings or exhibitions. Workers mentioned above will also be used for moving costumes which belong to any of the three performance areas mentioned in Clause to and from any of the areas mentioned in Article Scope. Workers already on call somewhere in the Centre and working for the Centre may perform such work within the already existing call to work. When the Centre sends out a professional company with a production mounted for the Opera, Theatre, Studio and which will perform before a ticket buying public the Union shall be responsible to provide a Wardrobe Mistress (Master) of the Centre's choice. The Centre shall make every reasonable effort to post all touring positions for a period of days. A copy of such shall be sent to the Business Agent and another posted on the bulletin board. Xxxxxxxxxxx Leave A member shall be granted paid leave in the event of a death in the immediate family where a member is already working on a production spanning at least two weeks and must be replaced for three (3) consecutive days including the day of the funeral. Payment is limited to the normal scheduled or work call for the three (3) days to a maximum of eight (8) hours at straight time per day. Time paid shall not count as time worked for purposes of later computation of overtime. Members of the immediate family shall be defined as Mother, Father, Spouse, Child, Brother and Sister. Documentation It shall be the responsibility of the Union to assure that any personnel supplied by the Union are properly and adequately documented for payroll purposes. Such documentation shall consist of the worker completing a form such other information as may be required by the Centre. - An Apprentice member shall be a person meeting the criteria of the International, and the Union shall be responsible to uphold those criteria and to keep Management informed of the names of the participants at all times. Pension fund The Centre will contribute an amount equal to seven percent (7%) of the gross wag...
WORKERS. In the case of an accident or injury for which an employee will be compensated The Workers' Compensation Board, the Society agrees to pay the employee for the entire period of work for which she was scheduled on the day of the accident or ARTICLE CONSULTATION On the request of either party, the parties shall meet at least once every two (2) months until this agreement is terminated for the purpose of discussing issues relating to the workplace which affect the parties or any employee bound by this agreement. The Union may be represented at any such consultation meeting by one of stewards and the Union Business Representative or designate. The Company may be represented at any such consultation meeting by the Human Resources Manager, or designate, and the Manager, Homemaker Services, or designate. ARTICLE HOLIDAYS The Society recognizes the following as paid holidays: New Years Day Labour Day Good Friday Thanksgiving Day Victoria Day Christmas Day Canada Day Boxing Day
WORKERS. Where disability are payable under the Workers’ Compensation Act, the employee shall have Workers’ Compensation Board benefits augmented by the Employer so as to provide of the employee’s normal net take home pay. Such earnings will be subject to normal and statutory deductions. The wage augmentation only will be payable to a maximum of weeks per claim. In the event that the Workers’ Compensation Board rejects a claim, or during a period of Workers’ Compensation Board delay prior accepting a claim, the Employer will pay full regular earnings to the employee for as long a period as the employee has vacation, overtime, or other banked credits. Where the subsequently accepts the employee’s claim, the employee’spay shall be recalculated, retroactively, for the period of the claim. In the event that the Workers’ Compensation Board rejects a claim, the Employer will immediatelyforward the claim to the Wage indemnity Plan. An employee who has received Workers’ Compensation in excess weeks and who participates in a Transitional Return to Work Program may earn vacation credits on a pro-rata basis. Vacation credits may be earned onlyfor that period on the Program immediately coincident with an employee’s return tofull time active employment. Vacation credits are not earned for any other time worked on the Program where an employee’sparticipation was stopped or suspended for any reason.