Withdrawing Sample Clauses

Withdrawing. If an employee needs to withdraw from the vacation period signed for on the leave schedule, notification shall be submitted in writing to the employee’s supervisor. The supervisor will provide notice to the APWU designee within a reasonable period. Vacated period(s) shall be posted as soon as they become vacant. Periods vacated due to resignations and/or retirements shall also be posted as soon as they become vacant. The vacated period(s) will be made available for choice on seniority basis to the employees within the applicable craft list.
Withdrawing. A Member may withdraw from the Company upon six months written notice to each remaining Member.
Withdrawing. A two-week signed or emailed written notice is required before withdrawing my child from Sunrise Montessori. Even if my child does not attend or stays only a portion of their remaining two weeks with Sunrise Montessori, I understand that I am still obligated to pay the full two week’s tuition. Sunrise Montessori also has the right to refuse future enrollment for any reason at any time. If I choose to withdraw my child for any reason (except during the month of July) and then re-enroll at a later time, I understand that I will pay a $200 Re-Enrollment Fee, and if 6 or more months have passed, the $200 Materials Fee.
Withdrawing. When you register for camp, we reserve your child’s space. We will need to know in writing or email if you must cancel or change your reservation. If your child needs to withdraw from a camp, within two weeks of the first day of the camp week, we charge a $50 administrative fee. We do not offer refunds when campers are absent. There are no make-up days if your child is absent. .
Withdrawing. IB&C shall restore the suspended certification if the issue that has resulted in the suspension has been resolved. Failure to resolve the issues that have resulted in the suspension in a time established by the IB&C shall result in withdrawal or reduction of the scope of certification. NOTE In most cases, the suspension would not exceed six months.. IB&C’ s decision on withdrawing certification shall be communicated to the client, in writing, through letters IB&CF44.1, IB&CF44.2, IB&CF44.3, IB&CF44.4, and 44.5. This agreement IB&CD08 is IB&C’s enforceable arrangements with the certified client concerning conditions of withdrawal ensuring upon notice of withdrawal of certification that the client discontinues its use of all advertising matter that contains any reference to a certified status.
Withdrawing funds You can request a withdrawal of all or part of the funds held in your SysPay Account at any time. To do this you must log into your Account and select a withdrawal method and enter the amount to be withdrawn. Withdrawal methods are payment services provided, at least in part, by third party financial institutions (for example, the bank where you hold a bank account). SysPay does not guarantee the availability of any particular withdrawal method and may make available, make changes to or discontinue a particular withdrawal method at any time as long as there is at least one withdrawal method available to you. Where the withdrawal payment is received by you through the involvement of a payment service provider (such as the bank where you hold a bank account), SysPay shall not be responsible for the withdrawal payment once the withdrawn funds are received by your payment service provider nor for the fees your payment provider may apply to the transaction. Your Account is subject to withdrawal limits. These limits are adjusted dynamically depending on the type of identification documentation we hold on you. You can view your withdrawal limits at any time in your Account profile. Before uploading any funds into your Account, you must ensure that your current withdrawal and spending limits meet your withdrawal and spending requirements as we legally cannot allow you to exceed these limits. If your withdrawal request exceeds the current limit, we may decline your request and instead require you to send us documents verifying your identity and address prior to allowing a withdrawal of funds or to otherwise cooperate with us to verify your identity. Withdrawals are subject to withdrawal fees and currency conversion depending on which withdrawal method and payment instrument is chosen. Please see our fee schedule for more details. For the purposes of a withdrawal transaction, SysPay is a payer and not a payment service provider. You must not make a withdrawal to a bank account or other payment instrument if you are not the named holder. We take any violation of this requirement very seriously and will treat any attempt to use a payment instrument of which you are not the named holder as a fraudulent act. Without prejudice to claiming further damages, if we are required to investigate an upload from a payment instrument that is not in your name, we may charge an administration fee as described in our fee schedule. You must ensure that the payment details you en...
Withdrawing. LIMITED PARTNERS: ----------------------------- XXXXXX ENGINEERING CORPORATION By: /s/ Xxxxxxx X. Xxxxxx ---------------------------------- Title: Chief Executive Officer XXXXXX RECYCLING CORPORATION By: /s/ Xxxxxxx X. Xxxxxx ---------------------------------- Title: Chief Executive Officer /s/ Xxxxxxx X. Xxxxxx Power of Attorney ------------------------------------- XXXXXX X. XXXXXX SCHEDULE 1 Partner Percentage Interest Capital Account ------- ------------------- --------------- General Partners ---------------- Xxxxxx Packaging Corporation 1.0% $2,450,000 BCP/Xxxxxx Holdings LLC 4.0% $9,800,000 Limited Partners ---------------- BMP/Xxxxxx Holdings Corporation 81.0% $198,450,000 Xxxxxx Capital Corporation 9.0% $22,050,000 Xxxxxx Family Growth Partnership 5.0% $12,250,000 ----- ------------ Total 100.0% $245,000,000 ===== ============ Schedule 6.5 ------------ Advisory Committee ------------------ Members appointed by Family Growth: Xxxxxx X. Xxxxxx Xxxxxxx X. Xxxxxx, Xx. Members appointed by Investor GP: Xxxxxx X. Xxxxxx Xxxxx X. Xxx Xxxxx X. Xxxxxxxx
Withdrawing. DECLINING A PROPOSED TARGET DISCOVERY PROGRAM. Once the definition of the Proposed Disease Phenotype is finalized or currently therewith if the Parties so agree, the Collaboration Management Committee shall discuss in good faith whether such proposed Target Discovery Program is likely to yield a certain number of Pre-Existing Roche Targets or Excluded RPI Targets. Prior to such CMC meeting, RPI shall submit to Roche a list of Excluded RPI Targets. The Parties acknowledge that as of the Effective Date, the Parties are uncertain as to how many too many Pre-Existing Roche Targets or Excluded RPI Targets would be. The Parties estimate that approximately [ ] Pre-Existing Roche Targets or [ ]Excluded RPI Targets would be too many, but this number may be revised in the future if the Parties agree, after a good faith negotiation, that such number is either too high or too low. If the CMC concludes that there is a high probability that there may be too many Excluded RPI Targets or Pre-Existing Roche Targets, then [ ]Under no circumstances shall Roche be required to disclose to RPI the identity of any Pre-Existing Roche Targets, only whether Roche thinks that a number of Pre-Existing Roche Targets may exist in the Proposed Disease Phenotype.
Withdrawing. Intermitting from a course If you wish to terminate or withdraw before you start your course, or within 14 days of starting your course If you do not commence your programme of study or withdraw or intermit within the 14 days of the published start date of your award, you are entitled to receive a full refund of any Fees you may have paid (if any). Please note this does not affect your legal right to cancel as described in section 3 above. If you have your Tuition Fees paid for by a loan from the Student Loans Company, the university will notify the Student Loans Company that your liability for Tuition Fees has reduced and therefore the Student Loans Company will reduce the amount of your loan. If a third party pays fees on your behalf, we may pay and refund directly to that third party if appropriate. Students who withdraw from their programme of study or intermit after the first two weeks, even if they have not taken the opportunity to attend, will normally receive a refund based on the table below: Student to Pay Before 4th January 2021 No more than 25% of Tuition Fee On or after 4th January 2021 and before 19th April 2021 No more than 50% of the Tuition Fee On or after 19th April 2021 No more than 100% of the Tuition Fee It is your responsibility to formally notify the College of your withdrawal in writing or by email at the point at which you leave your course of study. Failure to formally notify the College of your withdrawal will result in your continuing liability for Fees until you formally withdraw. Retrospective withdrawals will not be permitted.

Related to Withdrawing

  • Withdrawal by a Member A Member has no power to withdraw from the Company, except as otherwise provided in Section 8. SECTION 6 SALARIES, REIMBURSEMENT, AND PAYMENT OF EXPENSES

  • Withdrawal Rights Tenders of Units pursuant to the Offer are irrevocable, except that Units tendered pursuant to the Offer may be withdrawn at any time prior to the Expiration Date and, unless already accepted for payment as provided in this Offer to Purchase, may also be withdrawn at any time after September 18, 1998. For withdrawal to be effective, a written or facsimile transmission notice of withdrawal must be timely received by the Depositary at its address set forth on the back cover of this Offer to Purchase. Any such notice of withdrawal must specify the name of the person who tendered the Units to be withdrawn and must be signed by the person(s) who signed the Assignment of Partnership Interest in the same manner as the Assignment of Partnership Interest was signed (including signature guarantees by an Eligible Institution). Units properly withdrawn will be deemed not to be validly tendered for purposes of the Offer. Withdrawn Units may be re-tendered, however, by following the procedures described in Section 3 at any time prior to the Expiration Date. If payment for Units is delayed for any reason or if the Purchaser (which is an affiliate of the General Partner) is unable to pay for Units for any reason, then, without prejudice to the Purchaser's rights under the Offer, tendered Units may be retained by the Depositary and may not be withdrawn except to the extent that tendering Limited Partners are entitled to withdrawal rights as set forth in this Section 4; subject, however, to the Purchaser's obligation, pursuant to Rule 14e-1(c) under the Exchange Act, to pay Limited Partners the Purchase Price in respect of Units tendered or return those Units promptly after termination or withdrawal of the Offer. All questions as to the validity and form (including time of receipt) of notices of withdrawal will be determined by the Purchaser (which is an affiliate of the General Partner), in its sole discretion, which determination shall be final and binding. None of the Purchaser, the Information Agent, the Depositary or any other person will be under any duty to give notification of any defects or irregularities in any notice of withdrawal or incur any liability for failure to give any such notification.

  • Withdrawal of Resignation An employee may resign in good standing by giving written notice to his/her appointing authority at least seven (7) calendar days in advance of the effective date of his/her resignation. Such an employee may, with the approval of his/her appointing authority, withdraw his/her resignation up to ten (10) calendar days after the effective date. Such approval shall not be unreasonably denied. An employee who fails to give written notice to his/her appointing authority at least seven (7) calendar days in advance of the effective date of his/her resignation may not withdraw that resignation.