Value Sample Clauses

Value. The value of the Mortgaged Property at the time of origination of the related Mortgage Loan, such value being the lesser of (i) the value of such property set forth in an appraisal accepted by the applicable originator of the Mortgage Loan or (ii) the sales price of such property at the time of origination.
Value. For the purpose of Paragraphs 5(i)(C) and 5(ii), on any date, the Value of Eligible Credit Support will be calculated as follows: For Eligible Credit Support comprised of cash, the amount of such cash. For Eligible Collateral comprising securities; the sum of (a)(x) the last bid price on such date for such securities on the principal national securities exchange on which such securities are listed, multiplied by the applicable Valuation Percentage or (y) where any such securities are not listed on a national securities exchange, the bid price for such securities quoted as at the close of business on such date by any principal market maker for such securities chosen by the Valuation Agent, multiplied by the applicable Valuation Percentage or (z) if no such bid price is listed or quoted for such date, the last bid price listed or quoted (as the case may be), as of the day next preceding such date on which such prices were available; multiplied by the applicable Valuation Percentage; plus (b) the accrued interest on such securities (except to the extent that such interest shall have been paid to the Pledgor pursuant to Paragraph 6(d)(ii) or included in the applicable price referred to in subparagraph (a) above) as of such date.
Value. For the purpose of subparagraph (i) of this definition, it is acknowledged that the consideration payable in an arm’s length transaction for iron ore sold solely for testing purposes may be less than the fair and reasonable market value for that iron ore and in this circumstance where the Minister in his discretion is satisfied such consideration represents the entire consideration payable, the Minister shall be taken to be satisfied that such entire consideration represents the fair and reasonable market value; “iron ore” includes beneficiated ore;
Value. For the purpose of Paragraph 4(a)(4)(i)(C) and Paragraph 4(a)(4)(ii), the Value of the outstanding Credit Support Balance or of any transfer of Eligible Credit Support or Equivalent Credit Support, as the case may be, will be calculated as follows: Disputes over Value will be resolved by the Valuation Agent seeking three bid quotes as of the relevant Valuation Date or date of Transfer from parties that regularly act as dealers in the securities or other property in question. The Value will be the arithmetic mean of the bid quotes received by the Valuation Agent multiplied by the applicable Valuation Percentage.