Unsuccessful Sample Clauses

Unsuccessful. Employee cannot meet expectations and requirements of the position; errors are considerable and quantity and quality of work are poor. Development Area: Employee should target this particular area for added emphasis throughout the next rating period. Training opportunities should be sought and the supervisor should spend time with the employee developing this area. If development is checked on the performance appraisal, this has no disciplinary reference or implications, and does not carry any weight in any disciplinary matter. Additionally, the following Guidelines shall be met: • Supervisors who rate employees must be familiar with the employee’s work, and should have supervised the employee for a minimum of six months throughout the rating period. • No comments should be placed on the performance appraisal which are inconsistent with the ratings received. • Five (5) or more ratings of excellent, with no needs improvement or unsatisfactory ratings will equal an overall excellent rating.
Unsuccessful. The costs of obtaining the appointment of a mediator, the fees and expenses of the 18 mediation, or any other cost or charge of the mediation shall be borne equally by the parties, unless 19 otherwise agreed.
Unsuccessful is an applicant who does not rank high enough to be made an offer of a position, but is suitable for training.
Unsuccessful applicants, who were interviewed, will be notified. The Employer agrees to discuss with unsuccessful applicants ways in which they can improve for future postings, if requested.
Unsuccessful applicants may consult with their Supervisors and/or request counselling from the Human Resources Department as to why they were not selected.
Unsuccessful applicants, with a copy placed in the designated Union mailbox in the Hospital, will be notified in writing within ten (10) days after the Hospital makes its decision in filling a vacancy. The applicant will be notified whether the Hospital withdrew the vacancy, whether the applicant was not qualified for the position or, if a more senior applicant was selected, and the seniority date of that employee.
Unsuccessful in which case an Appeal Fee will be invoiced to the relevant competitor and the Original Decision will stand.
Unsuccessful. The R&D Outcome will be determined to be Unsuccessful if the Company is unable to evidence at least one example of Success, and further, the research and development has not demonstrated any commercially viable benefits to be reasonably feasible.
Unsuccessful applicants may request a post board discussion to review the results of their interview. Such requests shall be made to the staffing officer.