Unsuccessful Sample Clauses

Unsuccessful. Tenderer’s tender security will be discharged or returned as promptly as possible but not later than thirty (30) days after the expiration of the period of tender validity prescribed by the Procuring entity.
Unsuccessful. Employee cannot meet expectations and requirements of the position; errors are considerable and quantity and quality of work are poor. Development Area: Employee should target this particular area for added emphasis throughout the next rating period. Training opportunities should be sought and the supervisor should spend time with the employee developing this area. If development is checked on the performance appraisal, this has no disciplinary reference or implications, and does not carry any weight in any disciplinary matter. Additionally, the following Guidelines shall be met: • Supervisors who rate employees must be familiar with the employee’s work, and should have supervised the employee for a minimum of six months throughout the rating period. • No comments should be placed on the performance appraisal which are inconsistent with the ratings received. • Five (5) or more ratings of excellent, with no needs improvement or unsatisfactory ratings will equal an overall excellent rating.
Unsuccessful applicants to a competition shall, on request, be provided a post-selection interview with a representative of the branch or organizational unit conducting the competition.
Unsuccessful. The costs of obtaining the appointment of a mediator, the fees and expenses of the 18 mediation, or any other cost or charge of the mediation shall be borne equally by the parties, unless 19 otherwise agreed.
Unsuccessful applicants, with a copy placed in the designated Union mailbox in the Hospital, will be notified in writing within ten (10) days after the Hospital makes its decision in filling a vacancy. The applicant will be notified whether the Hospital withdrew the vacancy, whether the applicant was not qualified for the position or, if a more senior applicant was selected, and the seniority date of that employee.
Unsuccessful applicants, who were interviewed, will be notified. The Employer agrees to discuss with unsuccessful applicants ways in which they can improve for future postings, if requested.
Unsuccessful applicants may consult with their Supervisors and/or request counselling from the Human Resources Department as to why they were not selected.
Unsuccessful. At the request of the nurse, the Hospital will with unsuccessful a ways in which they can improve their qua for future post i Nurses shall be selected for positions under either (a) or on the basis of their skill, ability, experience and qualifications. Where these factors are relatively equal amongst the nurses considered, seniority shall govern providing the successful a if any, i s qualified to perform the able work within an appropriate familiarization period. Where seniority governs, the most senior applicant, regardless of her bargaining unit, will be selected. Where the has been selected in accordance with t i s Article and it is determined that she cannot the job to which she was promoted, the attempt, during the first thirty (30 tours (225 hours for nurses whose regular hours of work are other than the standard work day) worked from the date on which the nurse was first to the vacancy, to return her to her former and the of the subsequent vacancies will likewise be reversed4 Vacancies which are not expected to exceed sixty 60) calendar days and vacancies caused due to accident, leaves of absence (including Hospital ma be filled at the discretion of the filling such vacancies, shall be given to regular part-time nurses in the bargaining unit on the basis of seniority who are qualified to perform the work in question prior to utilizing non-bargaining unit nurses supplied by an a or registry. It is understood, however, where such vacancies occur on short notice, failure to offer part-time nurses such work shall not result in any claim for pay for time not worked while proper arrangements are made to fill the vacancy. Where part-time nurses fill temporary full -time vacancies, such nurses shall be considered regular part-time and shall be covered by the terms of Collective Agreement. Upon of the to R vacancy, such nurse be reinstated er former position unless the position has been discontinued, in which case she shall be given a comparable job. The Hospital shall have the to fill any permanent vacancy on a temporary basis until the posting procedure or the Request for Transfer procedure provided herein has been with and arrangements have been made to permit the nurse selected to fill the vacancy to be assigned to the job. A nurse selected as a result of a posted vacancy or a Request for Transfer need not be considered for a further permanent vacancy for a period of up to six (6) months from the date of her selection. A layoff of regular part-time nurs...
Unsuccessful. In no event shall a Tax Indemnitee be required to appeal an adverse judicial determination to the United States Supreme Court. In addition, a Tax Indemnitee shall not be required to contest any claim in its name (or that of an Affiliate) if the subject matter thereof shall be of a continuing nature and shall have previously been decided adversely by a court of competent jurisdiction pursuant to the contest provisions of this Section 13.5(b), unless there shall have been a Change in Law and the Tax Indemnitee shall have received, at the Lessee's expense, an opinion of independent tax counsel selected by the Lessee and reasonably acceptable to the Tax Indemnitee stating that, as a result of such Change in Law, it is more likely than not that the Tax Indemnitee will prevail in such contest. The party conducting the contest shall consult in good faith with the other party and its counsel with respect to the contest of such claim for Taxes, provided, however, that the decisions regarding what actions to be taken shall be made by the controlling party in its sole judgement. In addition, the controlling party shall keep the noncontrolling party reasonably informed as to the progress of the contest, and shall provide the noncontrolling party with a copy of (or appropriate excerpts from) any reports or claims issued by the relevant auditing agents or taxing authority to the controlling party thereof, in connection with such claim or the contest thereof. Each Tax Indemnitee shall, at the Lessee's sole cost and expense, supply the Lessee with such information and documents reasonably requested by the Lessee as are necessary or advisable for the Lessee to participate in any action, suit or proceeding to the extent permitted by this Section 13.5(b); provided, however, that such Tax Indemnitee shall not be required to provide to the Lessee copies of (i) any information, documentation or materials that it reasonably deems to be confidential or proprietary or (ii) its tax returns or any other information, documentation or materials in respect of such Tax Indemnitee's financial position. Notwithstanding anything in this Section 13.5(b) to the contrary, no Tax Indemnitee shall enter into any settlement or other compromise or fail to appeal an adverse ruling with respect to any claim which is entitled to be indemnified under this Section 13.5 (and with respect to which contest is required under this Section 13.5(b)) without the prior written consent of the Lessee, unless suc...
Unsuccessful applicants from within the bargaining unit shall be notified as to which applicant has been selected to fill the position.