Tribunal Sample Clauses

Tribunal. In the event of no majority decision by the appeal committee the dispute shall go automatically to a tribunal as hereinafter constituted and shall be forwarded to such tribunal by the Provost and Vice-President, Academic within five (5) Days of the decision of the appeal committee.
Tribunal. 1. Any dispute regarding the interpretation or application of this Agreement, or any dispute arising thereunder at the request of the Council, shall be settled by an ad hoc Tribunal.
Tribunal. The Board shall appoint a Tribunal of at least three Members where applicable upon receipt of a written Complaint. No member of the Tribunal shall be a Director, Officers or employee of the Association, nor shall any member of the Tribunal be involved in any prior investigation of the matter on behalf of the Board nor related by blood or marriage to either the complaining party or the Respondent. In appointing the members of the Tribunal, the Board should make a good faith effort to avoid appointing any Members who are witnesses to the alleged violation giving rise to the Complaint or otherwise biased. The decision of the Board shall be final, except that the Respondent may challenge any member of the Tribunal for cause, where a fair and impartial hearing cannot be afforded, at any time prior to the taking of evidence of the hearing. In the event of such a challenge, the Board shall meet to determine the sufficiency of the challenge, without the President voting. If such challenge is sustained, the President shall appoint another Member to replace the challenged member of the Tribunal. All decisions of the Board in this regard shall be final. The Tribunal shall elect a Chairman. The Tribunal shall exercise all other powers relating to the conduct of the hearing. If the Tribunal, by majority vote does not approve a proposed fine or suspension, it may not be imposed.
Tribunal. This clause shall not be construed to require the Administrative Agent or any Lender to make available its tax returns (or any other information relating to its taxes which it deems confidential) to any Loan Party or any other Person.
Tribunal. The term “Tribunal” shall have the meaning set forth in Section 34.2.
Tribunal. The Tribunal, once established, will adjudicate on any issue concerning the application or interpretation of the SACU Agreement, 2002 or any dispute arising there under at the request of the Council. Its determinations will be final and binding. The Tribunal will also, at the request of the Council consider any issue and furnish the Council with its recommendations. The Tribunal will be assisted by the Secretariat in its work and it will be composed of three members except as otherwise determined by Council. Decisions will be made by a majority vote. In the event of any dispute or difference arising between Member States in relation to or arising out of the SACU Agreement, 2002 including its interpretation, the parties shall in the first instance meet and consult in an attempt to settle such dispute or difference before referring the matter to the Tribunal. ENDS Some Graphics & Data Botswana Lesotho Namibia South Africa Swaziland Total Population 2 024 904 1 879 000 2 113 077 51 770 560 1 067 772 Geographic Size (km2) 582 000 30 355 825 615 1 219 090 17 364 GDP (ZAR million) 113 126 18 331 90 603 2 917 539 29 699 GDP per Capita (ZAR) 55 867 9 655 43 044 56 355 27 814 Total Roads (km) 25 800 7 438 42 260 741 700 5 275 Total Rail Lines (km) 888 2.6 2 647 22 000 300 NOTE: GDP and population figures are for the year 2011