Trade Creditors Sample Clauses

Trade Creditors. To trade creditors, including Members who are trade creditors, to the extent otherwise permitted by Applicable Law, in satisfaction of amounts due and owing in respect of the Company’s ordinary course trade payables. Any reserves set up by the Liquidator may be paid over by the Liquidator to an escrow agent or trustee, to be held in escrow or trust for the purpose of paying any such contingent or unforeseen liabilities or obligations, and, at the expiration of such period as the Liquidator may deem advisable, such reserves shall be distributed to the Members or their assigns in the manner set forth in this Section 13.3(d).
Trade Creditors. The Company shall have restructured at least Seven Hundred Thousand and No/100 ($700,000.00) of past due trade accounts payable owing by the Company to its trade creditors, in accordance with the following terms and conditions:
Trade Creditors. For the avoidance of doubt, references in Parts B and C of this Schedule 1 to the Seller Group or any member of the Seller Group shall not be taken to refer to the Target Company. Part D : Target Company
Trade Creditors. All amounts owed by SW immediately before the relevant Initial Transfer Date to, or in respect of, trade creditors and periodic charges and outgoings in respect of each Transferred Business, whether or not an invoice has been received by SW, and for this purpose any necessary apportionment of charges or outgoings attributable:
Trade Creditors. A list of all trade creditors of the Target which are outstanding as at one Business Day prior to the date of this agreement is contained on the Data Site.
Trade Creditors. As of the date of this Letter of Intent, Antex has outstanding payables of $1,547,607, in the aggregate, to the trade creditors listed on Schedule A to this Letter of Intent. At the Closing, each trade creditor would have the option of either (i) receiving a payment in cash equal to $0.60 for each $1.00 of obligation owed by Antex to such trade creditor or (ii) receiving a promissory note issued by Acquisition Sub (with a payment guaranty by BioPort) with a principal amount equal to $0.80 for each $1.00 of obligation owed by Antex to such trade creditor, payable in 2 equal annual installments from the Closing with simple interest at the rate of 3 percent per annum.
Trade Creditors. Each Obligor shall pay all amounts owing to trade creditors when due in the ordinary course of business, consistent with good industry practices, or within such period as may be agreed to or acquiesced to by any trade creditors, except for any amounts which are being actively and diligently contested in good faith and for which adequate reserves have been made.
Trade Creditors. The Franchisee must pay the Franchisee’s trade creditors from time to time strictly in accordance with the supplier’s applicable terms of trade.