Tradability Sample Clauses

Tradability. The Common Stock of CLCE shall remain listed for trading on the OTC Bulletin Board and CLCE shall not have received any notice that its Common Stock is subject to being delisted therefrom.
Tradability. If at any time the common stock of the Purchaser becomes untradeable due to the actions or inactions of the Purchaser, including without limitation, (i) being suspend or removed for trading over-the-counter, an exchange, and/or any other publicly traded market; or (ii) the repurchase by the Purchaser and/or the majority shareholder of all or most of the outstanding shares in the Purchaser making them untradeable on the open market, Sellers, at their option, may force a buyback of all Sellers’ outstanding Closing Shares, Initial Earnout Shares and Additional Earnout Shares for Seventeen Million Dollars ($17,000,000) plus any Initial Earnout Payment plus any Additional Earnout Payment less the cash value received by the Sellers for previously sold Closing Shares, Initial Earnout Shares and Additional Earnout Shares.
Tradability. If during the term of this agreement, FROZ ceases trading in all capacities on any tradable index, and The Sellers have a complete inability to deposit and sell the shares, the Sellers grant FROZ a cure period of ninety (90) days to reasonably facilitate the resumption of trading of the Company’s common stock. In the event FROZ is unable to resume trading during the cure period, the Sellers shall have the right to foreclose on their form UCC-1.
Tradability. Bid and asked quotations for the Common Stock are posted on the over-the-counter bulletin board of the National Association of Securities Dealers, Inc. ("OTCBB"). A complete list of the market makers for the Common Stock, and contact information where available, is attached as Exhibit 5(r). Neither the Acquiror nor any of its officers or directors, is aware of or has any reason to be aware of any claim, inquiry or investigation by a state or federal regulatory authority, or the OTCBB, regarding trading in the Common Stock or any related claim, inquiry or investigation.
Tradability. Naming Rights in Consideration may be traded by mutual agreement between all the parties. Traded is defined asto exchange or swap one naming right for another.” For example, when a company changes its name the naming right may be changed or “traded” to reflect the new name. Naming Rights in Recognition may not be traded.
Tradability. The ZUZ will be listed on most major exchanges (e.g., Poloniex, Binance, etc.) and will be freely tradable.

Related to Tradability

  • Trading With respect to the securities and other investments to be purchased or sold for the Fund, Subadviser shall place orders with or through such persons, brokers, dealers, or futures commission merchants (including, but not limited to, broker-dealers that are affiliated with Investment Manager or Subadviser) selected by Subadviser; provided, however, that such orders shall be consistent with Subadviser’s brokerage policy; conform with federal securities laws; and be consistent with seeking best execution. The Subadviser may consider the research, investment information, and other services provided by, and the financial responsibility of, brokers, dealers, or futures commission merchants who may effect, or be a party to, any such transaction or other transactions to which Subadviser’s other clients may be a party in accordance with Section 28(e) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended. To the extent permitted by law, and consistent with its obligation to seek best execution, Subadviser may execute transactions or pay a broker-dealer a commission, spread or markup in excess of that which another broker-dealer might have charged for executing a transaction provided that Subadviser determines, in good faith, that the execution is appropriate or the commission, spread or markup is reasonable in relation to the value of the brokerage and/or research services provided, viewed in terms of either that particular transaction or Subadviser’s overall responsibilities with respect to the Fund and other clients for which it acts as subadviser. Notwithstanding anything herein to the contrary, to the extent Subadviser is directed by Investment Manager to use a particular broker or brokers to borrow securities to cover securities sold short, Subadviser shall have no responsibility for setting the rate charged to borrow a security or otherwise ensuring that the rate charged by such broker to borrow a security is favorable.

  • Quotation The Company will use its best efforts to include, subject to notice of issuance, the Common Shares on the Nasdaq National Market.

  • Volume A. SHIPPER agrees to tender a minimum of three (3) shipments per year to BROKER, and BROKER agrees to arrange for the transportation of said shipments, as well as any other shipments offered by SHIPPER. Shipper is not restricted from tendering freight to other brokers, or directly to motor carriers. BROKER is not restricted from arranging transportation for other parties.

  • Market Orders are executed immediately at the best available price in the system.