The Mediation Sample Clauses

The Mediation. 2.1 The Mediator may communicate by any means with the disputants and may meet with the disputants together or with any disputant alone. The disputants agree to co-operate with the Mediator and each other disputant in the conduct of the mediation and to use their best endeavours to comply with reasonable requests made by the Mediator to promote the efficient resolution of the dispute.
The Mediation a. The Mediation will take place at the place and time stated in Schedule 1 to the Mediation Agreement.
The Mediation. 8.1 Parties, their Representatives, their advisers and the Mediator and Assistant Mediator (if any) shall keep confidential and shall not reveal save as required by law and insofar as may be necessary to bring into effect or enforce the settlement agreement:-
The Mediation. 2.1 The Mediation will take place on [date] starting at 10:30 am at [venue], commencing with introductions of those attending. Thereafter the Mediator will direct the procedure, and in so doing will have regard to the intent that the Mediation shall if practicable conclude not later than 7 pm.
The Mediation. The parties and mediator/intern will meet in person, or by phone, Skype, email or other means, as agreed. Each party will pay for his or her share of each meeting after it is over, including any flat rates for drafting of progress notes or agreements following the meeting. The number of meetings, their duration and structure will be agreed upon by the parties and the mediator.
The Mediation. 3.1. The Mediation will take place on [X]day Yth Z 201[2] at [address] and is scheduled to start at (insert time).
The Mediation. The Parties participated in a mediation on August 23, 2021 with Xxxxx Xxxxxxxxx, Esq. Prior to and during the mediation, the Parties informally exchanged voluminous information, including production of time and pay records for a random sample of Class Members and Aggrieved Employees, policies, paystub exemplars, and class and PAGA information. At the conclusion of the mediation, a mediator’s proposal was made, and thereafter accepted by the Parties. This Settlement Agreement is a result of the Parties’ arms-length negotiations.
The Mediation. This Settlement Agreement was reached only after extensive, arm’s-length negotiations conducted in a formal mediation. The Parties engaged in two mediation sessions conducted by Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxx, Esq., with each session lasting two days.
The Mediation a. Gillhams Solicitors LLP, Xxxxxxx Caller and The Assistant (where appropriate) and the Parties hereby agree that no formal record (written or otherwise) or transcript of the Mediation shall be made.
The Mediation. 10. The procedure to be adopted at the Mediation shall be at the discretion of the Mediator.