Supply Schedule Sample Clauses

Supply Schedule. The shipping and delivery schedule of the Units shall be consistent with the anticipated timeline in the Specification. Both Parties shall use good faith and commercially reasonable efforts to meet the target dates set forth in the Specification. If Ener1 has reason to believe that a shipping/supply will be delayed, Ener1 shall promptly notify MGTES of such possible delay, including a description of the extent and cause of the delay. If Ener1 is late in shipping/supplying a Unit in accordance with the Specification (after giving effect to any valid postponements contemplated by the Specification), MGTES shall be entitled to receive liquidated damages in accordance with the applicable provisions of Section 13. For purposes hereof, (i) a Unit shall be deemed supplied on the date on which the Parties or their authorized representatives sign the Report on External Examination of the Units' transportation package (Attachment 1B, Table 2, Cl. 3) for such Unit at the Supply Location, and (ii) a Unit shall be deemed shipped on the date on which Ener1 has transferred such Unit to the applicable carrier at the shipping location as specified in the Specification (the “Shipping Location”), which date is specified in the appropriate report document indicated in the Specification.
Supply Schedule. The Generating Company shall furnish to UPCL a month-wise supply schedule. The Generating Company shall also Co-ordinate with State Load Dispatch Centre in respect to Optimum scheduling and dispatch of electricity as per provisions of the RE Regulations and State Grid Code.
Supply Schedule. The Company agrees to provide an initial inventory of 2 (two) ampoules of allogeneic MPCs, each ampoule containing 150 million MPCs) and 2 (two) ampoules Control (50% Alpha-MEM/42.5% ProFreeze NAO Freezing Medium/7.5% DMSO) – to each CTSN Clinical Research Site, as identified by the NHLBI, within 48-72 hours of notification by the NHLBI or its designee that the site has been approved to begin enrollment. When notified by an approved Clinical Research Site, the Company shall initiate requested shipment of replenishment inventory of one (1) ampoule containing 150 million MPCs or Control (50% Alpha-MEM/42.5% ProFreeze NAO Freezing Medium/7.5% DMSO) within twenty-four (24) hours of notification. Initiation will require coordination with the Clinical Site coordinator or designee, the DCC and the Company and is estimated to take 48-72 hours for delivery at the identified site. A maximum of one hundred twenty (120) ampoules of MPCs is allocated to this Study and the Company has no obligation to supply in excess of those one hundred twenty (120) ampoules of MPCs. Subject to Section 14 (FORCE MAJEURE) of this Agreement, the Company hereby agrees that the Company’s failure to maintain site inventory and to transfer Test Article (MPC and Control) to Clinical Research Sites as contemplated by and in accordance with this Agreement and this Attachment 1 shall constitute a material breach of the Agreement.
Supply Schedule. On the date of effectiveness of this Agreement (for the 1994 Supply Year) and prior to December 15 before each subsequent Supply Year thereafter, Seller shall furnish DM with a "Supply Schedule" for such Supply Year, which Supply Schedule shall indicate the estimated quantity and type of Cans and Ends to be supplied by Seller by DM accounting month for each DM Facility and which shall satisfy the Container Requirements Plan for such Supply Year. Such Supply Schedule shall be revised monthly on or before the 30th calendar day of each month in which Seller receives a revised Container Requirements Plan and shall serve as the basis for DM's arrangement of shipments and space planning. In any Supply Year, DM shall be obligated to purchase no less than, and Seller shall be obligated to sell no more than, that number and type of Containers as shall equal the sum of the periodic monthly estimates set forth in the Supply Schedule (as revised in accordance with this Section) for each type of Container for that Supply Year. The parties agree to cooperate and use their reasonable best efforts to resell any excess Cans or Ends which DM has purchased. Seller will notify DM immediately if Seller anticipates that it will be unable to provide Containers to DM in accordance with DM's most recent Container Requirements Plan. Seller shall advise DM's transportation department of transit requirements from Seller's location to the DM delivery location for Containers supplied by Seller as required by this Section 3.2 and the most recent Supply Schedule for the current Supply Year. DM's transportation department will arrange for transportation of such Containers.
Supply Schedule. Company will deliver up to One Thousand Five Hundred (1,500) short tons of Conforming Material per month, to a storage location designated by the Facility, and Energis hereby agrees to purchase such minimum quantity of Material. Scheduling for shipments of Material under this Agreement will be coordinated through the Site Operations Manager at the Facility. The Site Operations Manager at the Facility can be contacted at (972) 225-1044.
Supply Schedule. Supply schedule will be given by Dy. G.M, Markfed Agro Chemicals, Mohali as per requirement. However the period of 10 days shall be given for 1st supply from issue of purchase order in case of Technical, Emulsifiers & Bulk and 21 days for Toll Manufacturing Products for preparation of packing material. In case of any difficulty Dy.G.M. Mohali will allow extension in supply period as per requirement.
Supply Schedule. ………………………………………………………......
Supply Schedule. 9.3.1 The O&M Operator shall ensure that:
Supply Schedule. A mechanism to enable the City to provide the Total Water Requirement when it is needed by the District by accommodating both the City’s need to plan for and develop supply and infrastructure and the District’s need for an increasing supply. The Supply Schedule will identify maximum quantities of water that the City will supply to the District during specific periods of time during the term of this Agreement.