Subcontract Sample Clauses

Subcontract. The Distributor may, at its expense and with the approval of the Trustees, appoint another firm or company as its sub-distributor or agent. The Distributor shall not, however, be relieved of any of its obligations under this Agreement by the appointment of such sub-distributor or agent.
Subcontract. Should Customer desire to subcontract to a third party (“Replacement Customer”) any dedicated or commingled storage subject to a Terminal Service Order, Customer must notify TLO in writing prior to the proposed start of the subcontract. TLO has the right to approve any Replacement Customer, which approval shall not be unreasonably withheld, conditioned or delayed. Unless otherwise agreed in writing between Customer and TLO, and between Replacement Customer and TLO, Customer will continue to be liable for all terms and conditions of this Agreement related to any subcontracted storage tank, including but not limited to, remittance of any fees set forth in a Terminal Service Order applicable to the subcontracted storage tank. Customer shall be responsible for collection of any fees due to Customer from the Replacement Customer. Customer and TLO may mutually agree that operational notices concerning scheduling and similar matters can be directly provided between TLO and any Replacement Customer.
Subcontract. We may subcontract or assign performance of Our obligations to third parties, but We shall not be relieved of Our obligations to You when doing so.
Subcontract. Institution has the right to subcontract to other sites to conduct the Study in accordance with the Protocol with terms consistent with this Agreement with written approval of the Sponsor, which approval shall not be unreasonably withheld. If Institution subcontracts any Study related duties, Institution shall contract with such subcontractors incorporating terms substantially similar to the terms herein. Such subcontracts may be provided to the Sponsor upon written request. The Sponsor has the right to subcontract to a third-party CRO or Academic Research Organization (ARO) and assign Study- related duties and rights to any Sponsor affiliate. If Sponsor subcontracts any Study-related duties and rights, Sponsor remains responsible for any of those duties and rights.
Subcontract. The contractual relationship between the parties constituted by: the Formal Agreement; these Conditions of Subcontract; the Subcontract Particulars; the Special Conditions; the Subcontract Works Description; and the other documents (if any) specified in the Subcontract Particulars. Subcontract Particulars The particulars annexed to these Conditions of Subcontract and entitled “Subcontract Particulars”.
Subcontract. 27.1. The Supplier shall not subcontract the whole or portions of this Agreement without the prior written consent of MultiChoice. The Supplier shall be responsible for the acts or defaults of any subcontractor, his agents or employees, as if they were the acts or defaults of the Supplier.
Subcontract. The Company may subcontract the performance of all or any part of this Agreement.
Subcontract. Employers agree they will not subcontract any Commercial Subaqueous Diving Work or Hyperbaric Tunnel Work within the jurisdiction that is to be performed at the job site except to a contractor who holds an agreement with the International Union (UBC) or one of its subordinate bodies or who agrees, in writing prior to or at the time of the execution of the subcontractor(s) to be bound by the terms of the area Principal Agreement and this Addendum. If any provisions of this Addendum, or the applications of such provisions to any person or circumstances, shall be in conflict with provisions contained in the applicable Principal Agreements, the provisions of this Addendum shall supersede those contained in the Principal Agreements. During the existence of this Addendum, there shall be no strikes, lockouts, work stoppages, or picketing arising out of any jurisdictional disputes over work assigned to UBC members under this Addendum. Work will continue as originally assigned, pending resolution of the dispute. The terms of this Addendum are open to further negotiations when the employer and Union agree that a specific project, industry, pay classification or geographical area requires further evaluation. However, any change to terms or conditions shall apply to any employer working under this Addendum.