Student Activities Sample Clauses

Student Activities. Adult participants shall at all times be present and shall chaperone students assigned by group leader. Adult participants will supervise and monitor the movement of students throughout the activity. Adult participants will insure that no .students enter areas specifically prohibited. Adult participants will insure that no students enter any rooms or areas that are not appropriately chaperoned by two adults. Adult participants will use safe environment practices such as not meeting with students in secluded areas; making sure enough adults are chaperoning all activities; observing other adults who are interacting with youth; and notifying OYYAM staff of any inappropriate activities throughout the duration of the activity. Adult participants will respect that the sessions are designed for the benefit of students and will refrain from excessive questions or participation in the sessions. The possession or use of alcohol, tobacco, drugs, or weapons of any kind by students or adult participants is not permitted. Failure to abide by this Code of Behavior may result in a request for the adult to leave the premises.
Student Activities. Whenever teachers accompany students to regional, state or national competitions or other student oriented meetings, as approved by the Superintendent, he/she shall be reimbursed for the cost of lodging, meals, registration fees, and transportation in addition to his/her regular salary. If requested by a unit member in the area of the competition, at least one (1) unit member who teaches the course work of the area of the competition in which a student is participating shall be approved to accompany the student(s) to regional or state competitions. The instructor (unit member) who works with the student(s) or a team of students shall, if he/she requests, be approved to accompany such students to national competition. In no case shall the ratio exceed one (1) such unit member to ten
Student Activities. (Percent of BA Base rounded to nearest half dollar.) Class Advisor 7-10 1.1% Class Advisor 11-12 2.4% School Play Director 4.0% Destination Imagination 2.0% Destination Imagination Coach 1.1% High School Cheerleading 5.8% Junior High Cheerleading 2.0% Chaperons-Day .145% Chaperons-Night .100% Yearbook 4.9% Driver Education .070% Camp Xxxxxx Advisor 2.0% Camp Xxxxxx Assistant 1.0% Noon Supervisor 1.8% National Xxxxx Xxxxxxx 1.0% Student Council 2.8% Audio Visual 5.8% Band 9.2% High School Bowl 1.5% SADD 1.4% Elementary Student Council 1.4%
Student Activities. 4.1 Involvement in campus activities In the past year, students’ involvement in campus activities (often or very often) ranged from those who participated in student clubs (21%) to student government (5%). Table 14: Involvement in campus activities since last September (% often or very often) All students (n=14,760) Group University of Winnipeg (n=285) 1 (n=3,531) 2 (n=6,238) 3 (n=4,991) Participated in student clubs (ACT5) 21% 17% 22% 23% 16% Participated in on-campus student recreational and sports programs (ACT6) 16% 11% 17% 16% 6% Attended campus social events (ACT1) 12% 11% 13% 11% 6% Attended public lectures and guest speakers on campus (ACT2) 9% 9% 9% 9% 12% Attended home games of university athletic teams (ACT7) 7% 8% 7% 6% 5% Attended campus cultural events (ACT3) 7% 7% 6% 7% 4% Participated in student government (ACT4) 5% 4% 5% 6% 3%
Student Activities. A Member may receive up to five (5) days' pay for the time used in student activities where his/her student is an active participant such as:
Student Activities. Student activities are provided to supplement intellectual, moral, spiritual, social and physical development. We urge students to select activities with a view toward your abilities, needs and interests both immediate and long range. We urge parents and students to see that there is a balance in choices and the good of the school as well as the individual are considered. RULES:
Student Activities. Student activity assignments described on Schedule "C" shall be compensated as therein provided. An activity not included on Schedule "C" shall receive such compensation as established by the Board at the time the activity is approved.
Student Activities. Teachers to be assigned outside their job responsibilities to dances, detention or concerts at times outside the teacher work day shall be drawn from volunteers. If there are insufficient volunteers, an alphabetical list of all faculty at the middle and high schools who have not volunteered shall form a pool from which remaining positions shall be filled. Teachers who are assigned to supervisory duty for dances, detention or concerts at times outside the teacher work day shall be compensated at an hourly rate of $25.