Speaking Engagements Sample Clauses

Speaking Engagements. Consultant shall provide speaking for up to five (5) of Company's promotional speaking engagements which must be arranged and approved in advance by the Company. Consultant will provide fair balanced scientific and clinical information at speaking engagements on relevant therapeutic and/or diagnostic topics. Consultant agrees to be trained on Company's products and on FDA regulations relating to product promotion prior to speaking on Company's behalf. Compensation for Speaking Services: Consultant will be paid for speaking engagements, including time incurred for presentation preparation, time for travel to and from the event, the event itself, potential question and answer period following the event, and any meal time pre or post the event at a rate of $[***]. At the conclusion of each month, Consultant will provide evidence to the Company of the performance of a speaking engagement and receipts for reimbursable expenses. Company will provide payment within thirty (30) days of receipt of such evidence.
Speaking Engagements. As a grantee, you will be invited to join us for annual presentations at Bay Area workplaces during UWBA’s fundraising campaign. UWBA may be able to provide a stipend for partners or clients who speak on our behalf during campaign. Networking UWBA is proud of our partnership and wants to participate in as many networking opportunities as possible. Therefore, please keep us informed in advance about events hosted by your organization, such as fundraising, networking and/or award events so that we may attend. UWBA hosts events throughout the year and will invite you to ones that are relevant to your region and/or focus.
Speaking Engagements. Upon Chemdex's reasonable request -------------------- consistent with the applicable Marketing Plan, BIO will provide qualified personnel to speak on and endorse the Chemdex System at sales meetings and industry trade shows, conferences, and other related events. BIO will also, upon Chemdex's request, provide reasonable opportunities for Chemdex to speak at appropriate BIO events. BIO will provide opportunities for significant participation by Chemdex at BIO meetings and events, including, without limitation, speaking engagements, exhibitions, and the BIO show to be held in Seattle, Washington, between May 16 and May 20, 1999.
Speaking Engagements. Executive may perform up to five (5) speaking engagements per year on subjects not related to the Business (defined below) of the Corporation or Parent Company, provided that the engagements do not interfere with the performance of Executive’s employment duties. The Corporation may exercise editorial control over the content of Executive’s speeches at such engagements to the extent the Corporation deems it necessary. The Executive may retain for himself cumulative gross annual compensation for such engagements totaling no greater than $50,000.00, and all such compensation beyond that amount shall be remitted to the Corporation.
Speaking Engagements. Teachers who are invited to address educational or civic groups during the school day shall be given release time without loss of pay or deductions from the sick bank. Such release time shall be treated as conference leave.
Speaking Engagements. Notwithstanding any other provision of this Agreement, the Service Provider shall have the right to undertake speaking engagements anywhere in the world, and to retain any speaking fees or other compensation resulting therefrom; provided, that such speaking engagements do not interfere or conflict with performance of the Service Provider’s duties under Section 2(a) and are undertaken at Service Provider’s expense. The Service Provider will notify the Company of all speaking engagements at least one week in advance.”
Speaking Engagements. 6. Sponsorships.
Speaking Engagements. Subject to receiving the prior written approval of the President or his designee, Xxxxxx may agree to make personal appearances or speeches for a fee provided that such appearances or speeches are outside of his responsibilities under this Agreement and provided further that such appearances or speeches are not inconsistent with the interests of the University or KSA.
Speaking Engagements. Xxxxx Xxxxxx is a public speaker. Generally, fees for her speaking engagements range from free to $25,000 plus travel expenses, depending on sponsor, date, location, and program requested. For all speeches, 50% of the balance is due before the event and the remaining balance due at the conclusion of the event. Half of the fees are due prior to the engagement, and the other half is to be paid the day of, no later than the conclusion of the Seminar. The fee range is based on the content, amount of research conducted, the number of hours of preparation needed, and the number of attendees. The content is based on topics that are currently relevant in the financial planning environment. In the event of inclement weather or flight cancellation, the Speaker shall make all reasonable attempts to make alternative travel arrangements to arrive in time for the presentation. If travel proves impossible, or the event is otherwise canceled, the Speaker's fee is waived, but the Client will still be responsible for reimbursement of any non-refundable travel expenses already incurred. In the event that the Client decides to cancel or change the date of the event for any reason besides weather or similar unforeseen causes, the Client will still be responsible for reimbursement of any non-refundable travel expenses already incurred, and will provide payment for 50% of the Speaker's fee if the cancellation occurs within 30 days of the event. In the event that the Speaker must cancel due to health or similar unforeseen circumstances, the Speaker will make all attempts to find a reasonable alternative engagement date and will absorb any incremental additional costs for obtaining alternative travel arrangements. If an alternative date cannot be obtained, the Client will not be responsible for any travel costs already incurred by the Speaker or any portion of the Speaker's fee. Educational Seminars and Speaking Engagements may be provided pro-xxxx at REWP’s discretion. The following describes the final fee arrangement agreed to by both parties: Select One: ❏ Ongoing Comprehensive Financial Planning - $ upfront and $ per Quarter. ❏ Financial Planning Fixed Fee - $ upfront and $ upon completion. ❏ Hourly Financial Planning - $ per hour X (Est Number of Hours) = $ Total Fee due upon completion of the engagement. ❏ Educational Seminar - $ upfront and $ due no later than conclusion of the Seminar. ❏ Speaking Engagement - $ upfront and $ due no later than conclusion of the Speaking Eng...
Speaking Engagements. Xx. Xxxxxx is a frequent speaker on oil and gas and international topics to business and legal audiences. • Founded in 1887 • Full-service firm with national practice • 7 offices in Texas / 350+ attorneys • Represented clients in more than 85 international jurisdictions • Represent 50 of the Fortune 100 • Represent 230 of the Fortune 500 Companies • Attorneys licensed in 24 states Fort Worth Dallas San Xxxxxx Xxxxxx Houston San Antonio