Skilled Sample Clauses

Skilled workers Skilled workers shall have 100% of the calculated piecework earnings per hour of skilled work. For school trade certificates see § 3-2.
Skilled. This performance category represents tangible breakthroughs in work over the course of the performance period beyond the satisfactory level. This rating is selected when an employee’s performance is generally beyond the requirements of the position and the criteria established. Examples might be: employee always completes work on time, and usually ahead of time; performs work well independently; identifies solutions to most problems; responsibilities and objectives have often been surpassed; seeks additional responsibilities; successfully manages several activities or projects within the same time frame; identifies areas where practices or policies might be improved; demonstrates initiates in work. In summary, performance results in this category clearly move the work of the school to move ahead.
Skilled. Teachers who received a summative rating of “skilled” on the teacher’s most recent evaluation will have the subsequent evaluation in the second year of a two-year cycle, instead of an annual basis, so long as the teacher’s student growth measure rating is maintained at a rating of average or higher per state mandate. Each evaluation must include a minimum of two formal observation cycles (a cycle consists of a preconference, a formal announced observation of at least thirty minutes, post-conference, and evaluative walkthroughs (at least two) of between five and twenty minutes). Consistent with the requirement set forth in the Ohio Revised Code, in any year in which a teacher is not formally evaluated, the teacher will have at least one observation and conference with their evaluator.
Skilled. Teacher consistently meets expectations for performance and fully demonstrates competencies in most of the teaching standards. The teacher addresses the needs of groups of students. The skilled teacher integrates knowledge, skills and abilities needed for effective classroom instruction. The teacher consistently strives to improve his or her instructional and professional practice. The skilled teacher demonstrates purposefulness, flexibility and consistency.
Skilled. A rating of Skilled indicates that the teacher consistently meets expectations for performance and fully demonstrates most or all competencies. This rating is the rigorous, expected performance level for most experienced teachers.
Skilled. There shall be no solicitation of membership in the Union organization, or collection of Union monies, or any Union activity that interrupts the work of an Employee in the workplace during the hours of employment or on any premises of the Employer, except as hereinafter expressly permitted by this Agreement or with the permission of the person designated by the Employer. Both the Employer and the Union agree there shall be no discrimination against any Employee because of race, ancestry, place of origin, colour, ethnic origin, citizenship, creed, sex, sexual orientation, age, record of offences, marital status, family status or handicap in accordance with the Human Rights Code, as amended from time to time.
Skilled. The purpose of this Memorandum is to provide the basis of understanding for the operating of skilled trades activities at the plant. Certain provisions of this document are intended to be flexible in order to permit. the parties, as they move forward, to adjust certain practices in accordance with the needs of the Company and its skilled employees, within the spirit set-out herein. The principles set out in this document stem from the parties’ commitment to a philosophy of working jointly in a search for means of improving product quality and operation efficiency while enhancing the skills all The parties agree that under normal conditions, skilled work will be assigned to employees within the classification that such work is commonly to fall as outlined in general job description to be jointly developed between the parties, and which becomes a part of this document by reference. However, it is understood that such assignments will the right to access and perform incidental work related welding that falls within the knowledge and abilities of the tradesman while working in a safe manner. The parties the advent of a highly automated facility using “state-of-the-art” technology with any future product allocation. order for this equipment to operate with maximum up time and to its designed specifications, the role of the skilled tradesman becomes more vital than ever. It is the intent of the parties to approach this automated facility through dedication a system, while assuring The same approach will to existing equipment, where tradesmen have acquired, with individual proficiency skills. Accordingly, the parties agree to assign skilled tradesmen by Skilled Work Units to the various systems. These Skilled Work Units will be made up of the required trades to maintain the system and each tradesman will receive extensive training to enhance his ability to fully maintain the system. A Support Technician, also a tradesman, will be assigned to each Skilled Work Unit. The Skilled Support will receive the rate of pay twenty cents higher than the highest paid trade in his Work No 5 ON QUALITY The parties agree on the need to maintain an on-going dialogue on the of building a World Class product at the while providing greater job for the employees and assuring the Corporation a reasonable return on investment. The parties that it is in the interest of Management, the Union, the employees and our customers to constantly search for new ways of improving product quality. ...
Skilled. (1) Master Maintenance (Plumber) (2) Xxxxxxxxx/Skilled Trades Maintenance
Skilled workers A skilled worker means that the person concerned has passed the trade examination held in accordance with the Act relating to vocational training, either after serving a period of apprenticeship under contract or by gaining experience in accordance with § 3.5 of the Education Act.
Skilled. Shall be those employees who are employed in a semi-trade or who do work of a tradesman nature. Also included in this category shall be the water meter repairman and installer, the senior caretaker, and the garbage truck driver.