Sidewalk Sample Clauses

Sidewalk. The portion of the Roadway constructed primarily for the use of pedestrians.
Sidewalk. That portion of the roadway primarily constructed for pedestrian use.
Sidewalk. Parking on a sidewalk Prohibited, Section 7-6-13 (a)(1), B.R.C. 1981. No vehicle may be stopped or parked on a sidewalk or within a sidewalk area. This prohibits parking in a driveway in a manner that blocks a sidewalk.
Sidewalk. 16 Developer shall provide sidewalk on all crossroads within the access control limits. Sidewalk
Sidewalk. To be the same class as the Light Tractor Operator and the person must be a Light Tractor Operator, Mechanic Each period shall represent the number of hours of work specified for each apprentice in his Apprenticeship Agreement, and in order to progress to the next period, employee must obtain written notice from the Ministry of Labour that the previous period has been completed. Sanitary Crew Rate Sanitary Crew Rate on a two Garbage Crew shall be the same as Truck Driver rate. Student Rate Student Rate per hour SCHEDULE PAGE OF3 WORKS AND WATER FILTRATION PLANT Contingent upon applicable conditions outlined in Article be arranged as hereinafter set out.
Sidewalk. 1. Before beginning construction of improvements, the Developer shall provide the Village with construction plans which are sealed and signed by the Developer’s Engineer. All sidewalk plans shall conform to all federal, state, county and Village specifications, regulations and ordinances.
Sidewalk. Sidewalk" shall mean the sidewalk approaches on either side of the Crossing Proper within the License Area including that portion between tracks where multiple tracks exist.
Sidewalk. Tenant agrees to keep and maintain the sidewalk abutting the Premises clean and unobstructed and shall keep the same free from an accumulation of dirt, ice and snow. Tenant agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Landlord and its managing agent from any and all damages or injuries suffered as a result of Tenant's failure to perform this lease obligation. Tenant shall be responsible for the removal of any violations, tickets or summons issued by the Department of Sanitation or any other governmental agency in connection with said sidewalk and shall pay any fines imposed in connection therewith. If issued to Landlord, such amounts paid shall be considered additional rent.
Sidewalk. The Tenant, at its sole cost and expense, shall keep and maintain the sidewalk adjacent to the leased premises clear of obstructions, ice and snow and shall use reasonable efforts to keep the said sidewalk free of dirt, debris and other unsightly materials.
Sidewalk. A sidewalk shall be constructed within the COUNTY right-of-way along the north side of Algonquin Road and the west side of Xxxxxxx Road shown in the PLANS and SPECIFICATIONS as part of the CONTRACT.