Shareholders Resolution Sample Clauses

Shareholders Resolution. Upon an exercise of the Option by Party A and Party B shall execute and deliver one or more resolutions of the shareholdersmeeting of Party C (“Resolutions”) within thirty (30) days after the execution of the Share Transfer Agreement, approving, including but not limited to, the following:
Shareholders Resolution. A certified copy of the special shareholders' resolution of 1267818 approving the entering into of the Amalgamation Agreement.
Shareholders Resolution. Any resolution adopted by the shareholdersmeeting shall be voted in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Company Law, provided that any resolution on any of the following items shall only be adopted by an affirmative vote of no less than ninety-six percent (96%) of the voting shares of all shareholders: increase or decrease in registered capital, amendment to the Company’s articles of association, merger, spin-off, dissolution, change of corporate form, or adoption of liquidation plan and liquidation report. To avoid doubt, any resolution concerning the development and public offering of company shares on the stock exchange shall be adopted by an affirmative vote of no less than ninety (90%) of the voting shares of all shareholders.
Shareholders Resolution. All shareholders of Beijing Perusal Technology Co., Ltd. (the “Company”) convened an extraordinary meeting at the conference room of the Company on June 28, 2018. The required quorum of the meeting is fulfilled with presence of two shareholders exercising 100% votes of all shareholders of the Company. The following resolutions are adopted at the meeting:
Shareholders Resolution. Resolutions of the shareholders of the Seller substantially in the form attached hereto as Schedule 3.2.3(f) hereto, pursuant to which the shareholders of the Seller shall have approved the execution of the Transaction Documents and all transactions contemplated thereby.
Shareholders Resolution. ETFC shall have duly authorized and adopted a shareholdersresolution amending the By-laws of the Borrower in the form of Exhibit L hereof, which shall have been notarized and recorded in the Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá, and the Administrative Agent shall have received a certified copy of the resolution as so adopted, notarized and recorded.
Shareholders Resolution. The Existing Shareholders hereby hold an extraordinary shareholders’ meeting of the Company, waiving all statutory or other requirements regarding form and timing pertaining to calling, convening and holding a shareholders’ meeting, and unanimously resolve as follows: “We hereby unconditionally and irrevocably consent to the execution of this Convertible Loan Agreement.” No further resolutions shall be adopted. The extraordinary shareholders’ meeting is thus concluded.
Shareholders Resolution. The Investor shall have received a copy of the resolutions duly and validly adopted by the board of directors of the Company and the shareholders of the Company, each certified by a director of the Company, evidencing the Company’s and the shareholders’ authorization of the repurchase and cancellation of each Purchased Share held by Phoenix immediately after the Closing and the issuance of one Series C Share for each such Purchased Share (such transaction collectively, the “Reclassification Transactions”).
Shareholders Resolution. In connection with the Share Pledge Agreement entered into between the shareholder of the Shanghai Zhong Yuan Network Co., Ltd. (the “Company”) and Beijing QIYI Century Science & Technology Co., Ltd on January 14, 2014, the shareholdersmeeting of the Company resolves as follows: Approve the shareholder of the Company pledge his/her equity in the Company in favor of Beijing QIYI Century Science & Technology Co., Ltd. This resolution is signed and delivered by the following shareholder on January 14, 2014. Shareholder: