Sex Sample Clauses

Sex. 3.16 That You, Your visitors or anyone that lives with You will not do anything which interferes with, or is likely to interfere with, the peace and comfort of, or cause offence to:-
Sex. ... If this section is not filled in and a photograph is not provided, the dog will NOT be permitted onto the park, regardless of past permission. Permission is necessarily of a temporary nature. It is not granted in perpetuity, but will be reviewed on a yearly basis, or as necessary. You must abide by the rules and regulations applying to dogs. A dog that is found to be a danger or causing a nuisance will not be permitted onto the Park, regardless of prior permission.
Sex. This is the second most relevant social variable, and the results can be seen in Table 5. Table 5 – Effect of the sex variable, in the plural marking of noun phrase elements, by oiapoqueans speakers Factor Application Total / % Relative Weight (PR) Feminin 592/798 74 .57 Masculin 448/692 64,7 .41 Input: 0.83 Total: Range: 1040/1490 = 69,8% .16 Significance: 0.003 Source: Xxxxxxx (2018). The values obtained reflect the difference in the use of plural marks between men and women, in which marking is slightly favored by women. This panorama is similar to that evidenced by the literature in general, and, according to Xxxxxxx (1988), this is common to occur due to the greater feminine sensitivity, regarding the use of rules that favor the employment of socially prestigious forms. In Oiapoque, most likely, this behavior observed in women is due to the adoption of behaviors and values more focused on the urban context, as the research permits to observe that women are more inserted in predominantly urban activities related to studies and work, revealing profile of residents of a growing community. On the other hand, men seem to be less involved in these urban activities, as it is observed that there is still a significant number of these speakers involved in informal activities such as fishing, agriculture and boat transport. Thus, this panorama may also reflect a little of the social history of the Oiapoque community, in which social and behavioral changes are visualized through these uses. However, in one way or another, it is worth remembering Xxxxx (1990) to emphasize that, in a speech community, the linguistic difference between men and women is always present and this occurs not only due to the feminine sensitivity to the forms of greater social prestige, but also for the differentiation of roles between men and women in society, associated, above all, to the “patterns of social interaction in daily life” (p. 348).
Sex. All dogs 24 weeks (6 months) or older must be spayed or neutered.
Sex. Previous research by Xxxxx and Xxxx showed that women are activly involved in Chinese human smuggling. Of the 90 snakeheads they interviewed in the course of their field study, 16 (18%) were women (Xxxxx & Xxxx, 2002: 746). The research group shows that there are women smugglers in the Nether- lands too. Table 10 shows the male-female ratio in absolute numbers per year for Chinese human smuggling defendants. By way of comparison, an overview is given of the ratio of men to women amongst everyone prosecuted for involve- ment in human smuggling activities whatever their nationality (including Chi- nese nationals). Table 10 Sex Sex of persons in research group Sex of all defendants Perpetration year M F Total M F Total 1996 14 2 16 129 33 162 1997 20 2 22 124 70 194 1998 8 3 11 188 42 230 1999 10 3 13 176 20 196 2000 35 4 39 261 39 300 2001 6 3 9 219 28 247 2002 32 4 36 173 25 198 2003 29 3 32 121 19 140 Total 154 24 178 1391 276 1667 Source: OM-data Of the 178 times that a person was suspected of involvement in human smug- gling, 86% were men and 14% were women. Compared with the total number of defendants of all nationalities who appeared in court in the same period, this per- centage is therefore slightly under the average of 17%. The actual percentage of women involved in Chinese smuggling cases is slightly lower if the calculation is based on the individual rather than on the year of perpetration because one woman appeared three times (four men appeared twice). The total number of unique women was therefore 22 and the total number of unique men 151, which gives a percentage of 12.8%.
Sex. Whenever a male or female pronoun or adjective is used, it refers to persons of either
Sex. All small to medium dogs over 6 months must be desexed. / Large breeds assessed on vet recommendations.
Sex. The College must not discriminate against any employee because of his/her sex.
Sex. The influence of biological sex on the risk of becoming infected with malaria typically manifests at an older age through gender roles and sociocultural norms. For example, men who pursue occupations that require them to work outside or at dusk in endemic countries increase their exposure to mosquitoes (Xxxxx et al., 2016). As a result, in these settings, men have a greater risk of developing malaria than women (Malaria Control Unit, 2015). Among young children, there is not a significant association between biological sex and risk of malaria infection (Crookston et al., 2010). However, Were et al. (2011) examined health outcomes among children less than 36 months in Siaya District Hospital infected with Plasmodium falciparum and concluded that females had lower parasite density than males. In addition, a review of the community health documents in Western and Nyanza province in Kenya revealed a discrepancy between provision of ACT to children under five years by gender. Among those who received ACT, boys accounted for 22%, and girls totaled 78% (Malaria Control Unit, 2015). This suggests that a child’s biological sex may influence caregivers’ treatment-seeking behaviors and the resulting health outcomes, and thus it is an important factor to examine.