SEVENTY Sample Clauses

SEVENTY. FIVE percent (75.00%) of the net amount of Eligible Accounts after deducting therefrom all payments, adjustments and credits applicable thereto ("Accounts Receivable Borrowing Base"); and (2) the amount, if any, of the advances against Inventory agreed to be made pursuant to any Inventory Rider ("Inventory Borrowing Base"), or other rider, amendment or modification to this Agreement, that may now or hereafter be entered into by Bank and Borrower.
SEVENTY. TWO THOUSAND TWO HUNDRED THIRTY-ONE DOLLARS ($72,231) for Drug Court Partnership funded alcohol and drug treatment services as described in Exhibit A.
SEVENTY. On June 7, 2005, the TENANT executed an agreement with Caribe GE International of Puerto Rico, Inc., in order to share the entranceway and guard services to the Additional Leased Premises, and the TENANT agrees to be bound by the terms of that agreement, identified as Exhibit C hereof. Furthermore, the TENANT agrees to comply with the accords contained in the letters dated November 23, 2004, May 23, 2005 and July 8, 2005, identified as Exhibit II hereof.
SEVENTY. TENANT shall not transfer, lease, burden or dispose of in any way of the equipment used on its operations without the previous written notice of LANDLORD, except in the ordinary course of business and provided that TENANT is not on default. SEVENTY-ONE: TENANT agrees to submit to LANDLORD within thirty (30) days from the date of execution of this Contract: (a) evidence of its registration in the Department of State of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and the name and address of its resident agent; and (b) a certificate of a resolution of its Board of Directors either authorizing or ratifying the execution of this Contract.
SEVENTY. FOURTH SUPPLEMENTAL INDENTURE, dated as of October ___, 1998 (herein sometimes referred to as "this Supplemental Indenture"), made and entered into by and between CONSUMERS ENERGY COMPANY, a corporation organized and existing under the laws of the State of Michigan, with its principal executive office and place of business at 212 Xxxx Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxx, xx Xxxxxxx, Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx, Michigan 49201, formerly known as Consumers Power Company, (hereinafter sometimes referred to as the "Company"), and THE CHASE MANHATTAN BANK, a corporation organized and existing under the laws of the State of New York, with its corporate trust offices at 450 X. 00xx Xxxxxx, xx xxx Xxxxxxx xx Xxxxxxxxx, Xxx Xxxx xx Xxx Xxxx, Xxw York 10001 (hereinafter sometimes referred to as the "Trustee"), as Trustee under the Indenture dated as of September 1, 1945 between Consumers Power Company, a Maine corporation (hereinafter sometimes referred to as the "Maine corporation"), and City Bank Farmers Trust Company (Citibank, N.A., successor, hereinafter sometimes referred to as the "Predecessor Trustee"), securing bonds issued and to be issued as provided therein (hereinafter sometimes referred to as the "Indenture"),
SEVENTY. FIVE THOUSAND (75,000) SHARES on or after April 1, 2002 for $2.50 per share; and
SEVENTY. Six Million, Nine Hundred Forty-Five Thousand, Three Hundred Twenty-Six and 00/100 ($76,945,326.00) DOLLARS representing the aggregate original balance of the A-1 and A-2 Secured Notes (collectively, the "Notes") issued by the LLC, which Notes are secured by the Mortgage and Assignment of Leases and Rents (as defined in the Indenture) (hereinafter defined) and delivered to First Security Bank, National Association, as Indenture Trustee (the "Lender") pursuant to the terms of the Indenture (the "Indenture"), dated as of June 30, 2000 between the LLC, as Issuer and the Lender, as Indenture Trustee. The Notes as secured are hereafter referred to as the "Loan". If, as of the Closing Date, the unpaid principal balance of the Loan, as reduced by payments required thereunder prior to Closing, if any, is less than the sum specified in this subparagraph (c), such sum of Seventy-Six Million, Nine Hundred Forty-Five Thousand, Three Hundred Twenty-Six and 00/100 ($76,945,326.00) DOLLARS shall be reduced by such difference."
SEVENTY. THIRD SERIES OF BONDS There shall be a series of bonds designated "Pollution Control Series F" (herein sometimes called the "Seventy-third Series"), each of which shall also bear the descriptive title "First Mortgage Bond", and the form thereof, which shall be established by Resolution of the Board of Directors of the Company, shall contain suitable provisions with respect to the matters hereinafter in this Section specified. Bonds of the Seventy-third Series (which shall be initially issued in the aggregate principal amount of $56,378,000) shall mature on October 1, 2017, shall be issued as fully registered bonds in the denomination of One Thousand Dollars and such other denominations as the officers of the Company shall determine to issue (such determination to be evidenced by the execution and delivery thereof), shall be dated as in Section 10 of the Mortgage provided, and the principal of, and to the extent permitted by the Mortgage, interest on any overdue principal of, each said bond shall be payable at the office or agency of the Company in the Borough of Manhattan, The City of New York, in such coin or currency of the United States of America as at the time of payment is legal tender for public and private debts.
SEVENTY. If any provision (i) of this contract is considered incorrect or not having the right for any reason, the rest of the provisions will remain in force and shall be enforced. If the court determines that any decision (I) of this contract is incorrect or not justified, but limiting this provision, would become valid or subject to enforcement, this provision is considered written, interpreted and used as limited. 13. Refusal of contractual rights. For any party to any provision of this Agreement, he should not be considered a refusal or limitation of the right of this party to ensure compliance and coercion to strictly comply with each provision of this Agreement. 14. applicable law. This contract is regulated by state legislation [indicate you]. 15.