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Select. . *** . . .] for further characterisation.
Select. / “Selection” / “Selecting” / “Selected” means determining the presence of specific Lymphocytes, in particular specific TILs, within a composition of Lymphocytes, e.g., based on the presence of specific cell surface markers or epigenetic profiles. Selection may additionally include isolation of specific Lymphocytes, in particular specific TILs from the composition.
Select. 1. Assignor: _____________________
Select. This field is used to specify the way for generating the MAC.cfg files. It is only configurable when the Unified Template – MAC(s) Generation is selected from the Mode field. The available ways are: Manual —Specify the range of the MAC address for the MAC.cfg files manually. File ImportBatch generate MAC.cfg files and import the configurations (e.g. configurations of account) to the corresponding generated MAC.cfg files.
Select. Turn on syncing for this gradebook .If a different gradebook is already set up for syncing, a warning window will appear because only one gradebook can be set up for syncing at a time.Do not turn on syncing for a new gradebook if there are unsynced gradebook changes on the handheld. Sync the data first!
Select. Use Continuous Search Mode. Then click Exit.The continuous search mode causes Easy Grade Pro to return to this window after every score is entered. This means that whenever the enter key is pressed, or whenever a grade is clicked on the tool bar, the Find window will reappear.
Select in rpfiPv4 NHIPvNH
Select one of the following options: OPTION 1: #<Level Crossing and Right of Way The provisions of this clause 10.4 shall only apply to any grant for the construction or installation of a level crossing and associated use as a right of way.
Select one or several pages for setting up synchronization with Creatio. Click [ Next ]. Selecting a Facebook page to synchronize with Creatio