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Select. Excel Macro-Enabled Workbook from the pull-down list of Save as Type.
Select. Partly bypassed to display all partly bypassed logical zones – Completely bypassed to display all completely bypassed logical zones
Select. We may from time to time offer you the opportunity to purchase certain Fixed Price Services at a discount provided that you first agree to purchase an annual Savings Membership ("Membership") either through HomeAdvisor or Xxxx. Any discounts obtained through the Savings Membership cannot be combined or used with any other discounts, coupons or offers on Fixed Price Services.
Select. Total: …………. Provisions applying if the student does not complete successfully some educational components: For not successfully completed educational components, the general examination regulations of the student’s study course at the home faculty will apply. Commitment By signing this document, the student, the Sending Institution and the Receiving Institution confirm that they approve the Learning Agreement and that they will comply with all the arrangements agreed by all parties. Sending and Receiving Institutions undertake to apply all the principles of the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education relating to mobility for studies (or the principles agreed in the Inter-Institutional Agreement for institutions located in Partner Countries). The Beneficiary Institution and the student should also commit to what is set out in the Erasmus+ grant agreement. The Receiving Institution confirms that the educational components listed in Table A are in line with its course catalogue and should be available to the student. The Sending Institution commits to recognise all the credits gained at the Receiving Institution for the successfully completed educational components and to count them towards the student's degree as described in Table B. Any exceptions to this rule are documented in an annex of this Learning Agreement and agreed by all parties. The student and the Receiving Institution will communicate to the Sending Institution any problems or changes regarding the study programme, responsible persons and/or study period. Commitment Name Email Position Date Signature Student Student Responsible person10 at the Sending Institution Xxxx of Studies or his/her representative Responsible person at the Receiving Institution11 During the mobility Exceptional changes to Table A (to be approved by e-mail or signature by the student, the responsible person in the Sending Institution and the responsible person in the Receiving Institution) Table A2 During the mobility Component code (if any) Component title at the Receiving Institution (as indicated in the course catalogue) Deleted component [tick if applicable] Added component [tick if applicable] Reason for change12 Number of ECTS credits (or equivalent) Exceptional changes to Table B (if applicable) (to be approved by e-mail or signature by the student and the responsible person in the Sending Institution) Table B2 During the mobility Component code (if any) Component title at the Sending Institution (as indicated in th...
Select. Utility" in the Diagnosis menu screen and press the A key. The Utility menu screen is displayed. Diagnosis menu screen T01949E Utility menu screen T01950E
Select. “All” from the View drop‐down, and click the Go! Button.
Select. City of Joplin's adoption, without deviation, of OptumRx’s formulary, as well as any changes OptumRx makes to its formulary.
Select. The Select menu option allows the user to select a claim for editing of claim information. If there are no unsubmitted claims for the current provider, a alert message will appear indicating this. Otherwise, choosing Select brings up the Claim Select screen as shown below. Only unsubmitted claims (ie - Status = 'Saved') for the active provider can be accessed. By typing in either: (a) the patient's surname, first name or any portion thereof, or (b) the claim Account #, the corresponding claim will be found almost immediately. Searching on Account # will yield only one match (if found). If searching on the patient's name, then often, more than 1 claim will match the search criteria, and these claims will be displayed in a Claim Browse Window as shown below, displaying the claims in order of Account Number. If the user leaves the Search Field blank and hits "return", then all Unsubmitted Claims will be displayed in the Claim Browse Window for the active provider. Clicking on the <F8-Cancel> button allows the user to exit without entering the Claim Form screen. Otherwise, the Claim Form screen will appear as shown below. A given claim account contains anywhere from 1 to 8 claim items. After selecting the desired claim and closing the window, the Claim Form screen will appear allowing you to edit claim information. Account #: This is the claim account number assigned by the program. This number should be recorded with any hard copy billing records or slips and is used by the program for identifying claims. This field cannot be edited. <F2-Provider> To change the provider for this particular claim, click the <F2-Provider> button. This will bring up the Provider Browse Window and the desired provider can be selected (password protection will require entry of the appropriate password). Close the Provider Browse Window after making the selection. This will change the provider on the Claim Form screen but does not change the current provider in the Status Bar. <F3-Patient> To change the patient for this particular claim, either enter the patient number (if known) or click the <F3- Patient> button. Clicking the <F3-Patient> button will bring up the Patient Search… screen as described on Page 3. The user may select another patient or enter a new patient for the claim.
Select. 3. Prepare;
Select. 5 days during the past 6 months and verify (i) Servicer's calculation of the Asset Interest for such day and (ii) Servicer's allocations of daily Collections for such days complies with Section 1.03 of the Receivables Purchase Agreement.