Security Register Sample Clauses

Security Register. The Company shall maintain a register (the “Security Register”) for the registration or transfer of the Notes. The name and address of the Noteholder of each Note, records of any transfers of the Notes and the name and address of any transferee of a Note shall be entered in the Security Register and the Company shall, promptly upon receipt thereof, update the Security Register to reflect all information received from a Noteholder. There shall be no more than one Noteholder for each Note, including all beneficial interests therein.
Security Register. If the Company fails to transmit such notice within ten days after acceptance of appointment by the successor trustee, the successor trustee shall cause such notice to be transmitted at the expense of the Company.
Security Register. The Registrar, as agent of the Corporation for the purpose, shall maintain at Citibank, N.A., London Branch, 21st Floor, Citigroup Centre, 33 Canada Square, Xxxxxx Xxxxx, Xxxxxx X00 0XX, Xxxxxx Xxxxxxx, or at such other place where its corporate trust office is located, a register for each Series of Securities in which shall be recorded the names, addresses and (if applicable) taxpayer identification numbers of registered owners of the Securities and the numbers of such Securities and other details with respect to the issuance, transfer and exchange of such Securities (the register maintained in such office and in any other office or agency for such purpose being herein sometimes collectively referred to as the “Security Register”). Upon presentation for the purpose at said office of the Registrar of any Security of such Series, accompanied by a written instrument of transfer in form approved by the Corporation and acceptable to the Registrar (it being understood that, until written notice to the contrary is given to holders of Securities of a Series, (i) the Corporation shall be deemed to have approved the form of instrument of transfer, if any, printed on any definitive Security of such Series and (ii) such form of transfer shall be deemed acceptable to the Registrar), duly executed by the registered holder, in person or by his attorney thereunto duly authorized in writing, the Registrar shall register the transfer of such Security upon the Security Register for the Securities of such Series, and authenticate (if the Registrar is the Paying Agent) and issue in the name of the transferee a new Security of such Series of like tenor and principal amount. Registration of transfers and exchanges of Securities of a Series shall be subject to such restrictions as shall be set forth in the text of the Securities of such Series and such reasonable regulations as may be prescribed by the Corporation and delivered to the Registrar in writing. Successive registrations of transfer and exchange as aforesaid may be made from time to time as desired, and each such registration and exchange shall be noted on the applicable Security Register. No service charge shall be made for any registration, registration of transfer or exchange of the Securities of a Series unless otherwise provided in the text of the Securities of such Series, but the Corporation may require payment by the transferee of a sum sufficient to cover any stamp duty or other tax or governmental charge in c...
Security Register. The term "
Security Register. Any notice which is mailed in the manner herein provided shall be conclusively presumed to have been duly given, whether or not such Holder receives the notice. Failure to give notice by mail, or any defect in the notice to any such Holder in respect of any Security, shall not affect the validity of the proceedings for the redemption of any other Security. All notices of redemption shall state:
Security Register. The Company shall cause to be kept at its principal office a register (the "Security Register") in which, subject to such reasonable regulations as it may prescribe, the Company shall provide for the registration of Securities and of transfers of Securities. As provided herein and subject to certain limitations therein set forth and compliance by the holder with applicable state and federal securities laws, the transfer of Securities is registrable on the Security Register upon surrender of a Security for registration of transfer at the office or agency of the Company, duly endorsed by, or accompanied by a written instrument of transfer in form satisfactory to the Company duly executed by, the holder thereof or his attorney duly authorized in writing, and thereupon one or more new Securities, of authorized denominations and for the same aggregate principal amount, will be issued to the designated transferee or transferees.
Security Register close the Security Register as at the Record Date to determine the identity of the APN PG Scheme Participants and the Trust Scheme Participants and to determine their entitlements to the Scheme Consideration in accordance with the Schemes;
Security Register. Notwithstanding the foregoing, so long as the holder of this Security is the Property Trustee, the payment of the principal of (and premium, if any) and interest (including any overdue installment of interest and Additional Tax Sums, if any) on this Security will be made at such place and to such account as may be designated by the Property Trustee. The indebtedness evidenced by this Security is, to the extent provided in the Indenture, subordinate and junior in right of payment to the prior payment in full of all Senior Debt, and this Security is issued subject to the provisions of the Indenture with respect thereto. Each Holder of this Security, by accepting the same, (a) agrees to and shall be bound by such provisions, (b) authorizes and directs the Trustee on his or her behalf to take such actions as may be necessary or appropriate to effectuate the subordination so provided and (c) appoints the Trustee his or her attorney-in-fact for any and all such purposes. Each Holder hereof, by his or her acceptance hereof, waives all notice of the acceptance of the subordination provisions contained herein and in the Indenture by each holder of Senior Debt, whether now outstanding or hereafter incurred, and waives reliance by each such holder upon said provisions. Unless the certificate of authentication hereon has been executed by the Trustee by manual signature, this Security shall not be entitled to any benefit under the Indenture or be valid or obligatory for any purpose. This Security is one of a duly authorized issue of securities of the Company (the “Securities”) issued under the Junior Subordinated Indenture, dated as of May 4, 2005 (the “Indenture”), between the Company and Wilmington Trust Company, as Trustee (in such capacity, the “Trustee,” which term includes any successor trustee under the Indenture), to which Indenture and all indentures supplemental thereto reference is hereby made for a statement of the respective rights, limitations of rights, duties and immunities thereunder of the Company, the Trustee, the holders of Senior Debt and the Holders of the Securities, and of the terms upon which the Securities are, and are to be, authenticated and delivered. All terms used in this Security that are defined in the Indenture or in the Amended and Restated Trust Agreement, dated as of May 4, 2005 (as modified, amended or supplemented from time to time, the “Trust Agreement”), relating to Lxxxxx Capital Trust II (the “Trust”), among the Company, as De...
Security Register. The Borrowers will at all times maintain a separate register for each pool of Designated Security held by the Security Trustee for and on behalf of the Relevant Beneficiaries and a separate register of any Undesignated Security (together, such registers being the Security Register). Each Borrower will promptly make an entry in the Security Register in respect of:
Security Register. The Company shall maintain a register (the "Security Register") for the registration or transfer of the shares of Senior Preferred Stock. The name and address of the Holder of each such share, records of any transfers of the shares and the name and address of any transferee of a share of Senior Preferred Stock shall be entered in the Security Register and the Company shall, promptly upon receipt thereof, update the Security Register to reflect all information received from a Holder. There shall be no more than one Holder for each share of Senior Preferred Stock, including all beneficial interests therein.