Season Sample Clauses

Season. The term “season” refers to the four (4) annual bidding periods that roughly mirror the four (4) seasons of the calendar year. Should the number of seasonal bidding periods be increased or decreased, the parties agree to meet and bargain the effects of the changes to bumping and bidding practices.
Season. The American Wharf Xxxxxx’s boating season is from April 15th to October 15th, except for any excluded period set forth below in Section 18I. Any Boat Owner wishing to store his Boat for the winter must make special arrangements with the Marina. Any Boat not staying with the Marina for the winter season must be removed from the Marina by October 15th. Otherwise, the Boat Owner will be charged the regular transient rate (as published by the Marina in its rate schedule) for each day the Boat remains at the Marina. In such event, the Boat Owner expressly agrees that the Marina shall have the right (but not the obligation) to remove the Boat from the slip previously rented to another slip or to haul the Boat and store it on land in any area of the Marina. The Boat Owner shall promptly pay the Marina for all charges incurred for such removal, hauling, and storage of the Boat. The Marina shall have a possessory lien on said Boat for all unpaid charges incurred by reason of the foregoing as well as other remedies provided below in Section 16 B.
Season. Enter the season (1995, etc.) that will appear in your conference report titles. Division 1 name: Enter the name for the first conference division, or leave this field blank if not applicable. This entry affects the Conference teams setup and the Confer- ence Standings report.
Season. Enter the season (1996-97, etc.) that will appear in your conference report titles.
Season. The period beginning on the later of the Effective Date or July 1st after the Effective Date and ending the following June 30th.
Season. The term
Season. The term "Season" shall mean a period from July 1 to June 30.
Season. Section 1 - As respects Ag PI:
Season. The term "