Scientists Sample Clauses

Scientists. Incumbents of jobs with 600000 or 860000 occupation codes who are university graduates in one of the Natural Sciences, the Applied Sciences, Mathematics or Computer Science and who are not classified as professional engineers. Appendix II - Re: Input To Ontario Society of Professional Engineers (OSPE) Salary Survey It is agreed that the method of input to the OSPE Salary Survey of Employers and the analysis and use of the survey shall be in accordance with the following.
Scientists. Scientists or other medical, dental, or nurs- ing personnel utilized by the Track under an agreement described in paragraph (1) may be appointed to any position within the Track and may be permitted to perform such duties within the Track as the Surgeon General may approve.
Scientists. The Research will be conducted by the Scientists in accordance with the terms of the Services Agreement between Upstream and ProvLabs dated 7 December, 2007 (the “Services Agreement”).
Scientists. Scientists, including archaeologist Harvey Johnston with La Trobe University archaeology students along with the Discovery Rangers toured Isabella Mc Bryde’s excavation site and engaged the students in an exploration into how science informs today’s understanding of history and culture.
Scientists. LoteAkola
Scientists. This refers to individual scientists who are not part of a country’s crop biotechnology research consortium, but are often consulted by the mass media, NGOs, or other private groups for their individual scientific opinions or assessments relating to crop biotechnology. They are not strictly speaking generators of research information on biotechnology.
Scientists we have an ethical obligation to tell the truth and a moral commitment to warn humankind about any kind of catastrophic threat like the climate and health emergency. We are aware of the importance of scientific knowledge as a guiding light for sensible governance. Thus, we commit to providing honest assistance to our government and political leaders, and not to back down when confronted by denialists who falsify scientific data.
Scientists. Night, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev.*
Scientists. 3.1 The following scientists shall work on said studies/trials unless substituted as set forth in paragraph 1.5 above: Dr. Alf Fischbein will devote at least 75% of his time to the ADVR project set forth in Paragraphs C, D and E, during which time Dr. Fischbein will work on the development and completion of CRF of the project, the assessment of clinical and laboratory parameters as they become available, will interact closely with the clinical team, i.e. physicians, nurses/interviewers and will work with his co-workers Drs. Iscovich, Mark Levitt regarding the clinical aspects of each trial, with Michael Davison, Ido Sadan MSc, and Professor Laurence Freedman regarding CRF, database and statistical aspects of the project and the procedures relating to data analysis and generation of reports. Dr. Fischbein will also keep abreast of scientific-medical exchanges among all principals participating in the study and will serve as liaison with the Company on a continuous basis, together with Dr. Iscovich. Dr. Jose Iscovich will devote 75% of his time to the ADVR project set forth in Paragraphs C, D and E. Dr. Iscovich, who together with Dr. Fischbein, designed and developed the protocols for the 3 clinical trials, will work in the organizational and management aspects of