Right to Subcontract Sample Clauses

Right to Subcontract. Western Canada Marine Response shall have the right without obtaining the consent of Owner to subcontract all or any portion of the Marine Spill Response Services to be provided under this Agreement.
Right to Subcontract. The Carrier at its discretion may subcontract on any terms the whole or any part of the Carriage.
Right to Subcontract. A Party may exercise any of the rights or obligations that such Party may have under this Agreement by subcontracting the exercise or performance of all or any portion of such rights and obligations on such Party’s behalf to a contract service provider(s) without having to grant any sublicense or sublicenses to the applicable subcontractor(s), provided that (a) with respect to activities conducted under the Research Program, such Party complies with the provisions of Section 2.2(b), and (b) in all cases, such contract service provider(s) obtain(s) no rights in or to the other Party’s IP. Any subcontract granted or entered into by a Party as contemplated by this Section 4.6 of the exercise or performance of all or any portion of the rights or obligations that such Party may have under this Agreement shall not relieve such Party from any of its obligations under this Agreement, and any act or omission by a subcontractor of a Party shall be deemed an act or omission by such Party hereunder, and a Party shall be responsible for each of its subcontractors complying with all obligations of such Party under this Agreement.
Right to Subcontract. Vendor shall not have the right to subcontract the performance of Services set forth hereunder without the express prior approval of Buyer. In the event Buyer approves Vendor’s request to subcontract any or all of its obligations hereunder, Vendor warrants that its subcontractor shall perform the Services in accordance with the maintenance approvals set forth in Section 2 above, and shall be a company, organization, or individual approved for the purpose by the FAA or any other applicable authority as deemed by Buyer. The performance of Services by any subcontractor shall not relieve either Party of any of its obligations under the Agreement.
Right to Subcontract. Each Party shall have the right to subcontract portions, but not all, of its responsibilities to be performed by it under the Annual Research Plan or Annual Development Plan in the normal course of its business, and to grant sublicenses for such activities, to any Third Party without the prior consent of the other Party; provided, that, (a) such subcontracting shall not involve the transfer of Confidential Information of the other Party to any Third Party unless the subcontracted party shall enter into a confidentiality agreement with the subcontracting Party in accordance with Article 7; (b) the subcontracting Party shall provide written notice to the other Party of any such proposed subcontract at least [***] days prior to such execution; (c) if a Party enters into a subcontract as provided in this Section 8.5, such Party shall be deemed to have guaranteed that such subcontractor will fulfill all of such Party’s obligations under this Agreement applicable to the subject matter of such subcontract; (d) such subcontracting Party shall not be relieved of its obligations pursuant to this Agreement as a result of such subcontract, and (e) in the event ARCHEMIX is the subcontracting Party, MERCK shall not be obligated to reimburse ARCHEMIX for any cost or expense related to such subcontracting unless MERCK has approved such subcontracting, and the related cost and expense, in the Annual Research Plan, the Annual Development Plan or otherwise in writing. Portions of this Exhibit were omitted and have been filed separately with the Secretary of the Commission pursuant to the Company’s application requesting confidential treatment under Rule 406 of the Securities Act.
Right to Subcontract. In the performance of its obligations hereunder, AF Services shall have the right, in its sole discretion, to subcontract its rights and responsibilities to any third party, provided that AF Services shall remain responsible for the performance of any such third party.
Right to Subcontract. During the term of this agreement the Employer shall not unilaterally subcontract, reassign or transfer work performed by bargaining unit employees if the effect of such actions is to cause the termination of employment or layoff of regular bargaining unit employees then employed.
Right to Subcontract. Company may, in its sole and absolute discretion, subcontract for the provision of services under this Agreement. You acknowledge and agree that the provisions of this Agreement inure to the benefit of and are applicable to any service providers or subcontractors engaged by Company to perform or provide any service set forth herein to you, and bind you to said service providers and subcontractors with the same force and effect as they bind you to Company. Any service provider or subcontractor and Company are each independent contractors (not partners or joint ventures).
Right to Subcontract. 21.1 The Employer may, at any time during the duration of this Agreement, contract out work done by the employees covered by this Agreement. In the event that such contracting would result in reduction of the workforce covered by this Agreement, the Employer shall give the Association a ninety (90) calendar day notice of the intention to subcontract.
Right to Subcontract. Subject to the licenses granted under Sections 2.1 and 2.2 and each Party’s rights and obligations under Articles 5, 6, and 7, a Party may subcontract the performance of any Development, Commercialization or Manufacturing activities undertaken in accordance with this Agreement, to the extent permitted in the Development Plan, the Commercialization Plan, or as otherwise contemplated by the JSC, to one or more Third Parties (each such Third Party, a “Subcontractor”) pursuant to a written agreement (a “Subcontract”) which shall be consistent with the terms and conditions of this Agreement. Each Subcontract shall contain confidentiality provisions no less restrictive than those set forth in Article 11. No Subcontract shall diminish, reduce or eliminate any obligation of either Party under this Agreement. For clarity, Licensee’s and its Affiliates’ arrangements with ***, and *** entered into in the ordinary course shall be considered Subcontracts under this Section 2.4, and are not subject to consent for sublicensing pursuant to Section 2.1(b).