REVISED Sample Clauses

REVISED. This ASSET PURCHASE AGREEMENT (this "Agreement"), dated as of December 1, 2005, is made among Origen Securitization Company, LLC (the "Seller"), Origen Residential Securities, Inc. (the "Purchaser") and Origen Financial L.L.C. (the "Originator").
REVISED. ARTICLE 9. Borrower and Bank acknowledge that revised Article 9 of the UCC, in the form or substantially in the form approved in 1998 by the American Law Institute and the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Law ("REVISED ARTICLE 9"), has been adopted in the State of California and elsewhere, and hereby agree to the following provisions in anticipation of the possible application thereof, in one or more jurisdictions, to the transactions contemplated hereby. Upon such application of Revised
REVISED. This award is based on the application submitted to, and as approved by, NIH on the above-titled project and is subject to the terms and conditions incorporated either directly or by reference in the following:
REVISED. ARTICLE 9. Borrower hereby confirms that by signing this Agreement, that Borrower has authenticated this Agreement, within the meaning of revised Chapter 9 of the Louisiana Commercial Laws and Revised Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code as now or hereafter in effect in any jurisdiction ("Revised Article 9"). This Agreement shall constitute full authorization in favor of Administrative Agent to file appropriate financing statements, initial or "in lieu" financing statements, continuation statements, and statements of amendment, with or without Borrower's signature, as may be necessary or advisable to perfect and maintain the perfection and priority of the security interest granted to the Secured Parties in this Agreement, including any such filings containing such information required by Part 5 of Revised Article 9 for the sufficiency or filing office acceptance of any financing statement, continuation statement or amendment, including whether Borrower is an organization, the type of organization and any organization number issued to the Borrower. Borrower shall furnish such information to Administrative Agent upon Administrative Agent's request. Any such financing statements, continuation statements or amendments may be signed by Administrative Agent on Borrower's behalf. Any such filings by an Administrative Agent may be by delivery of originals or photocopies, by electronic communication, or such other authorized form of communication as may be permitted under then applicable law.
REVISED. In accordance with NIH’s fiscal year 2017 policies, this award is being revised to 100% of the amount previously committed from last year’s Notice of Award.
REVISED. The number and proportion of full-time college qualifiers in work, training and/or further study 3- 6 months after qualifying. The Scottish Funding Council published the “experimental statistics” from session 2013-14 in December 2015. From this a regional baseline of 85.8% has been established. The region had already set as a target to at least achieve or maintain the national average by session 2019-20 and in respect of 2013-14 the percentage of total FE qualifiers who were in a positive destination compares very well with a Scottish average of 82.9% in the same year. Measure 15 (revised) Number of full-time learners with substantial “work experience” as part of their programme of study. What constitutes eligible work experience for students has now been defined by the Scottish Funding Council and the data is being gathered during 2015-16 to allow a regional baseline to be established. Students who met the criterion are being `tagged` by their colleges and this data will then be aggregated such that AY 2015-16 will become the baseline session. However, this will be able to happen before the end of the session to ensure that the baseline is fully reflective of all students who have undertaken the substantial work experience required.
REVISED. This plan and all clauses shall be subject to the provisions of all pertinent Acts of the Province of Ontario or other applicable legislation as from time to time may Local Page LETTER OF UNDERSTANDING Between GREATER ESSEX COUNTY DISTRICT SCHOOL BOARD (Hereinafter referred to as “the Board”) And The Canadian Union of Public Employees, LOCAL (Hereinafter referred to as “the Union”) The Greater Essex County District School Board and Local agree to the following: Notwithstanding the provision of Article of the Collective Agreement, the parties agree, on a one (1) year trial basis, that employees, to a maximum of two may be assigned to a five (5) consecutive day work week other than Monday through Friday with two
REVISED. The parties agree that, notwithstanding Article of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, provision of overtime meals for Maintenance Department day work employees working overtime continuous with their regular hours will normally be provided as follows: A meal will be provided in the Cafeteria at The meal will be available to all Maintenance employees regard- less of the length of overtime they may be required to work upon presentation of a meal voucher signed by their Xxxxxxx. Employees who work beyond will be paid for the half hour period from to Should employees be required to work past a second suitable meal will be provided or at the employee’s option a meal voucher for redemption at the Company cafeteria. Employees wishing to work through the meal break may do so with the permission of their Xxxxxxx provided the job they are working on is estimated to last less than two hours. Should these employees work in excess of one hour overtime but less than two hours, they will receive a meal voucher for redemption at the Company cafeteria. In the event that these employees work more than two hours overtime, a meal will be ordered through the Shift Superintendent. Notwithstanding the above, Maintenance Department employees scheduled to work hours daily during shutdowns shall not receive the meal provisions or any meal allowance unless they are required to work in excess of hours. LETTER OF AGREEMENT MEMORANDUM ON THE HANDLER TRAINING PROGRAM Effective March the Handler classification will be the entry rate into the On completion of the 120-day probationary period, promotion is in order to the Handler classification. Employees bidding into the will be eligible for the Handler classification. Effective October the new hires into the will be on a 120-day training, orientation and probationary period. All new hires will receive the Handler rate of pay ($10.87) during this period and will not receive any other rate of pay, irrespective of work assignments. On successful completion of the 120-day probationary period, promotion is in order to the new Handler classification ($11.67). Effective October employees bidding into the will be on a 120-day training and orientation period and will be xxx- gible for the Handler classification ($11.37). These employees will receive the Handler rate of pay ($11.37) during this period and will not receive any other rate of pay, irrespective of work assignments. On successful completion of this 120-day period, promotion is in order...
REVISED. The SFPUC is undertaking an estimated $4.3 billion program to rebuild and seismically upgrade Hetch Hetchy Water System’s aging pipelines, tunnels, reservoirs, pump stations, storage tanks and dams. The capital improvement program, referred to hereinafter as the Water System Improvement Program (“WSIP”), is a comprehensive program involving numerous individual projects. The Sewer System Improvement Program includes projects listed in the SFPUC Commission-approved Capital Improvement Plan as Sewer System Improvement Program projects, which are awarded by the SFPUC after May 10, 2016 (“SSIP”). The AWSS, also known as the Emergency Firefighting Water System Projects, will repair and improve the reliability of the core facilities, cisterns, pipelines and tunnels of the emergency firefighting water system, and includes for purposes of this Extension Agreement, AWSS Pumping Station 2. Collectively, the SSIP and AWSS Pumping Station 2 constitute “Covered Work.”
REVISED. Attached to and made a part of AGREEMENT OF REINSURANCE NO. 9034 between PHILADELPHIA INDEMNITY COMPANY PHILADELPHIA INSURANCE COMPANY (herein collectively referred to as the “Company”) and GENERAL REINSURANCE CORPORATION (herein referred to as the “Reinsurer”) IT IS MUTUALLY AGREED that, effective 12:01 A.M., January 1, 2007, this Agreement and Exhibit A attached thereto are hereby terminated, having been replaced concurrently by Agreement No. 9034-07 between the Company and the Reinsurer. The Reinsurer shall not be liable for claims and losses resulting from Occurrences taking place at and after such time and date.