Restructuring Sample Clauses

Restructuring. 24.1 In the event that all or part of the work undertaken by the employee will be affected by the employer entering into an arrangement whereby a new employer will undertake the work currently undertaken by the employee, the employer will meet with the employee, providing information about the proposed arrangement and an opportunity for the employee to comment on the proposal, and will consider and respond to their comments. The employee has the right to seek the advice of their union or to have the union act on their behalf.
Restructuring. (a) The parties have taken or will take, and have caused or will cause their respective Subsidiaries to take, all actions that are necessary or appropriate to implement and accomplish the transactions contemplated by each of the steps set forth in the Restructuring Plan (collectively, the “Restructuring”); provided, that all of such steps shall be completed by no later than the Effective Time.
Restructuring. To the extent that the Board of the Company elects to effect a restructuring or recapitalization of the Company or substantially all of the business of the Company through a subsidiary or parent company of the Company or otherwise, the provisions of this Agreement shall be appropriately adjusted, and the Holders and the Company shall enter into such further agreements and arrangements as shall be reasonably necessary or appropriate to provide the Holders with substantially the same registration rights as they would have under this Agreement, giving due consideration to the nature of the new public entity, the nature of the securities to be offered and tax and other relevant considerations.
Restructuring. 21.1 Successful implementation of the May 1, 1997, Tentative Agreement to Reduce the Need for Reconstitution requires adoption of a standards-based school accountability system. The proposed accountability system is predicated upon the following structures: 1) set of district-wide standards that define school quality; 2) a mechanism for measuring the performance of a school according to the district- wide standards; 3) identification of schools that have deficiencies in meeting the standards; 4) support to build school-wide structures to develop plans to address the identified deficiencies; and 5) monitoring of the progress of the school community. This effort will require modification of Article 21, Restructuring, consistent with the guidelines and requirement of the District and State and Federal Governments.
Restructuring. The Restructuring shall have been consummated on or prior to the Distribution Time.
Restructuring. From the date of this Agreement until the Closing, PBF Energy shall, and shall cause its Affiliates to, use Reasonable Efforts to cause the Restructuring to be consummated prior to the Closing Date, including making all filings with respect thereto and seeking all approvals required in connection therewith; provided, however, that PBF Energy shall not be obligated to effect or consent to any action, individually or in the aggregate, that would have or would reasonably be expected to have a material adverse effect on PBF Energy or any of its Affiliates.
Restructuring. A Company’s fully owned subsidiary in China shall have entered into a set of contractual arrangement with Shanghai Qiyu, Fuzhou Microcredit and their shareholder Beijing Qibutianxia so that the Company will be able to exercise effective control over Shanghai Qiyu and Fuzhou Microcredit; receive substantially all of the economic benefits of Shanghai Qiyu and Fuzhou Microcredit; and have an exclusive option to purchase all or part of the equity interests in and assets of Shanghai Qiyu and Fuzhou Microcredit when and to the extent permitted by PRC law.
Restructuring. 18.28 Before implementation, proposals for significant academic restructuring of Faculties, units, programs, and the use of redeployments shall be referred to the Joint Subcommittee on Long Range Planning.