Restocking Fee Sample Clauses

Restocking Fee. For any items with a restocking fee of [***], as set forth in Exhibit D (Credit Return Policy), the restocking fees shall be reduced from [***] effective October 1, 2019 through December 31, 2019 and then adjusted from [***] January 1, 2020 through [***].
Restocking Fee. 4.1 All “Stock Items” (ie, goods which are kept in stock in large quantities by the Supplier and are not ordered in on a job by job basis) that are not defective in design or manufacture, as determined by the Supplier acting reasonably, and are returned by the Purchaser shall incur a restocking fee of 20% of the total tax invoice price for those Stock Items.
Restocking Fee. If you purchase the wrong equipment and we agree to exchange it for you, we will charge you a $40.00 fee to cover our costs.
Restocking Fee. MicroGroup may, at its option, agree to accept standard stock product returns from Customer. Such standard stock product must be in its original condition to allow for resale. MicroGroup reserves the right to charge a restocking fee of a minimum of twenty five percent (25%) of the selling price. Customer shall also be responsible for the payment of all shipping charges for the returned product. Engineered products and custom tubing cannot be returned for a restocking fee.
Restocking Fee. Contractor shall not impose a return or restocking fee on Ordering Agencies for items that have been returned in accordance with the Returns section.
Restocking Fee. At Peak-Ryzex’s discretion, Customer may return or cancel a Hardware order for reasons other than a warranty claim. Peak-Ryzex reserves the right to charge Customer restocking and/or handling fees equal to the actual restocking and/or handling fee charged to Peak-Ryzex by the third-party Hardware or Media provider for the returned Hardware and/or Media (“Restocking Fee”). Such Restocking Fee shall be due upon receipt of Peak-Ryzex’s invoice. Peak-Ryzex will not accept the return of custom Media or custom Hardware.
Restocking Fee. There will be a restocking fee applied to any Store that returns items that were ordered and delivered or on truck to be delivered.
Restocking Fee. Customer agrees that product purchased from Mushkin, whether Mushkin has shipped the product or not, may have been manufactured specifically for the Customer and Mushkin may not have another customer for this product. Mushkin may, in its sole and absolute discretion, refuse to allow Customer to return a product or cancel a purchase order. If a return or cancelling of a purchase order is allowed, Xxxxxxx may charge a restocking fee.
Restocking Fee. All returns are subject to a restocking charge equal to 15% (fifteen per cent) of the Invoice, unless the Goods are proved to be non-conformed as per article 15 below.
Restocking Fee. For accounts using Citynet provided equipment, a $15.00 restocking fee will apply if service is terminated prior to 60 days after commencement of service. The $15.00 restocking fee will not apply to services terminated within 10 days of initiation of service. Should the customer request new equipment, and original equipment is found to be in good working order, Citynet reserves the right to charge the customer a $15.00 restocking fee.