Require Sample Clauses

Require in Contractor's agreement that he and all of his employees will review the MSDSs of the appropriate hazardous chemicals, and follow the requirements of the OSHA Hazard Communication Standard. Contractor is responsible for all applicable training and adherence to the program by their employees, subcontractors, and subcontractor's employees. To comply with State and Federal regulations concerning hazardous wastes, Contractor using any chemical (paints, thinners, solvents, etc.) on the plant site is responsible for the proper storage, usage, and disposal. Contractor shall be responsible to inform Company Representative of the quality and type of wastes in writing. This information is to be copied to the plant Environmental Engineer. Contractor shall also be responsible for the removal of all wastes and unused materials at the job completion. A Contractor whose employees will be working in an area where hazardous chemicals are or may be present shall be notified in writing of the chemicals present and provided with appropriate MSDSs. It will be the responsibility of Company to inform Contractor of the hazardous chemicals in the plant to which their employees may be exposed. The application, disposal, utilization or other handling of any lead or lead based material or product ("Lead Work") shall be performed in strict compliance with all applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations, including without limitation Federal OSHA Construction Standard For Lead (29 CFR 1926.62). Prior to performing any Lead Work, Contractor shall prepare and have in effect a written work plan specifically for such Work. Contractor shall provide a copy of that work plan to Company for review upon request by Company, which request may be made at any time or times. Any devices which Contractor removes during the course of work which contain mercury shall be given to Company for proper disposal. TO THE EXTENT THAT THE WORK UNDER THIS CONTRACT INCLUDES THE HANDLING OF OR EXPOSURE TO ASBESTOS, CONTRACTOR SHALL PROVIDE PERSONNEL APPROPRIATELY TRAINED REGARDING ASBESTOS REQUIREMENTS, LAWS, AND REGULATIONS. Contractor shall notify Company if suspected asbestos containing material is encountered. Contractor shall not disturb in any way the encountered material. If at any time while performing any maintenance or repairs, Contractor encounters insulation or gasket material and cannot identify it as non-asbestos, Contractor shall have the responsibility of notifying Company of a potent...
Require. No. 2 Technical Requirement: [ insert: abbreviated description of Requirement ] [ specify: Mandatory or Preferred ] Bidder’s technical reasons supporting compliance: Bidder’s cross references to supporting information in Technical Bid:
Require. Debtor to gather the Property and make it available to Secured Pa~ in a reasonable fashion;
Require any Buyer to provide employees with full credit for service with Pepco, including retention of seniority under the provisions of the 1999 CBA. For example, if at time of closing employee X has 15 years of service with Pepco, then he/she will be deemed to have 15 years of service with the Buyer under the 1999 CBA.
Require a, b 2n, r = 2(f(flog2 (n)+2¶/word size)¶·word size), − | | nj = n−1 (mod r), w = 2word size, l = log2(r/w) · Ensure: o = a b/r (mod n) ←
Require. Additionally, the Borrower shall furnish to the applicable L/C Issuer and the Administrative Agent such other documents and information pertaining to such requested Letter of Credit issuance or amendment, including any Issuer Documents, as such L/C Issuer or the Administrative Agent may reasonably require.