Requesting Sample Clauses

Requesting that District employee(s) evaluate the Consultant and the Consultant’s employees and subcontractors and each of their performance.
Requesting. Carrier shall designate a manhole or other suitable entry-way immediately outside the RICO as a Fiber-Meet entry point, and shall make all necessary preparations to receive, and to allow and enable Ameritech to deliver, fiber optic facilities into that manhole with sufficient spare length to reach the OLTM equipment in the RICO. Ameritech shall deliver and maintain such strands wholly at its own expense. Upon verbal request by Ameritech to Requesting Carrier, Requesting Carrier will allow Ameritech access to the Fiber-Meet entry point for maintenance purposes as promptly as possible after Requesting Carrier’s receipt of such request.
Requesting. Carrier and Ameritech shall work cooperatively to apply sound network management principles by invoking network management controls to alleviate or to prevent congestion.
Requesting. Carrier shall, wholly at its own expense, procure, install and maintain the OLTM equipment in the RICO identified for that LATA in Schedule 2.1, in capacity sufficient to provision and maintain all Logical Trunk Groups prescribed by Articles IV and V.
Requesting. Carrier will provide and maintain the equipment at its offices necessary to permit Ameritech to perform its services in accordance with the equipment operations and traffic operations which are in effect in Ameritech’s DA and operator services offices. Requesting Carrier will locate, construct and maintain its facilities to afford reasonable protection against hazard and interference.
Requesting. Carrier will provide Ameritech with a two (2)-year rolling forecast of its requirements for Collocation that will be reviewed jointly on a yearly basis by the Parties, in accordance with the planning processes described on Schedule 12.9.3. Ameritech will attempt to deliver Collocation pursuant to Requesting Carrier’s forecasts to the extent that Collocation space is then available.
Requesting evaluation for the purpose of earning RFR Members holding eligible positions will notify the hiring department of their desire to be subject to an evaluation procedure for the purposes of earning RFR. Requests for evaluations may be made either by indicating this on the acceptance form included with the offer of appointment, or by notifying the department Chair in writing, with a copy to the Xxxx’x Office, within the first thirty (30) calendar days of the start of the appointment for courses of 12 weeks or longer, within (10) calendar days of the start of the appointment for courses of less than 12 weeks. Requests for an evaluation procedure for the purposes of earning RFR may not be made after this period has expired.
Requesting a PST or IEP meeting as necessary to review the appropriateness of a student’s IEP or placement.
Requesting. Carrier shall provide, at a minimum, the following information with respect to each piece of equipment it intends to Collocate in Ameritech’s Premises: