Reply Sample Clauses

Reply. Within five (5) days of receipt of the written grievance, the principal or appropriate supervisor shall meet with the grievant in an effort to resolve the grievance, and give his/her disposition of the grievance in writing within five (5) days of such meeting, and shall furnish a copy thereof to the Association.
Reply. Claimants refer to and incorporate by reference as if fully set forth herein their responses to Respondent’s General Objections Nos. 1-3 and their response to Request No. 1 above. In addition, Respondent’s objections are without merit and should be overruled for the following reasons: First, Xxxxxxxxx’ request is relevant to this case as documents and communications relating to Respondent’s involvement in defamatory media stories against Xx. Xxx and his family published in October 2018 are directly related to Xxxxxxxxx’ claims that Respondent colluded with the Bondholders to attempt to seize the Rigs, as the stories were published in the middle of the Bondholders’ attempts to take over the Rigs. See SOC ¶ 259. Moreover, Respondent’s relevance objection lacks detail and fails to identify the basis for such assertion.Second, Xxxxxxxxx’ request is reasonable and specific, and certainly not a fishing expedition, because it asks for documents relating to particular publications of media stories—specifically, a 10-minute television clip that aired in October 2018. See id. Third, Respondent’s argument that the request should be denied because Claimants have not specified the particular persons who were actually involved in the publication is inopposite, as the Claimants have sufficientlyidentified the subject matter and there is no requirement in the IBA Rules that they must specify names, nor has Respondent pointed to any such authority. Claimants also hereby clarify that the documents they seek are those in Respondent’s possession, custody, or control. Moreover, that is not information to which the Claimants are privy.On these grounds, Claimants respectfully request that the Tribunal order Respondent to produce the requested documents.
Reply. (a) The recipient of the Dispute Notice must within 10 Business Days of receipt of the Dispute Notice reply in writing to the other party (Reply). The Reply must:
Reply. A reply to any request for assistance shall only be made by the Sheriff of Xxxxxxxx County, or his/her designee, or the Sheriff of Greenville County, or his/her designee. If the request is granted, the requesting law enforcement agency shall be immediately informed of the number of law enforcement officers to respond.
Reply. (a) Within fourteen (14) calendar days of receiving the grievance at Step 3 the Chief Executive Officer, or designate, and the Union Area Staff Representative shall meet to examine the facts, the nature of the grievance and attempt to resolve the dispute. This meeting may be waived by mutual agreement.
Reply. The grievance administrator shall issue a written reply to the grievance, explaining the reasons for its being granted or denied, within five (5) days after the Step Two meeting.
Reply. 3.1 The information contained in the Reply shall be in electronic form and shall contain a reference to the originating Request, and the content of all of the field which will enable the Client to have access to the information in the form of a Client Consolidated Portfolio, for viewing electronically or for printing:
Reply. The Artist must provide within twenty (20) days a signed reply indicating intention to join or not join the company for the next Season. Notwithstanding Clause 7:03(D), if the Artist fails to return the signed reply within the twenty (20) day period, the Engager may in writing notify the Artist that the letter of intent has been withdrawn, provided that this term is included in the letter of intent. The twenty day (20) period may be extended subject to the Artist providing a reasonable excuse for the failure to return the letter of intent within the above period. If the letter of intent complies with this provision and no reasonable excuse for the delay is received then, notwithstanding any other provision of the Agreement, the Artist may be deemed not to be re-engaged at the Engager’s discretion.
Reply. The Respondent observes that this request for documents is not limited to documents relied upon by Xx. Xxxxxx in preparation of this first report, but rather “[t]he Documents relied on by Xx. Xxxxxx in his reply expert report [...]”. In view of the foregoing, the Respondent requests that the Claimants confirm that there are no responsive documents other than the ones identified in their objections. Tribunal’s decision: Granted. The Tribunal notes that Claimants allege that they have already produced responsive documents and that “[t]here are no other documents in Claimants’ possession that meet the description of Respondent’s Request.” The Tribunal requests Claimants to confirm to Respondent and the Tribunal that: (i) they have undertaken good faith efforts to search for all documents that are responsive to this request and; (ii) that there are no other responsive documents different from those already produced. Request No. 13
Reply. Every staff member has the right to discuss the grounds for potential discipline in a fact-finding meeting before the decision to issue discipline is made.