REPLACEMENT VEHICLE a service that includes a replacement vehicle is ensured by the Lessor in the event of a breakdown, traffic accident and other situations that have caused immobility or inability to use the originally rented vehicle. In the event of a breakdown, traffic accident and other situations that have caused immobility or inability to use the rented vehicle, the Lessor shall provide the User with a replacement vehicle within a reasonable time. All rights and obligations of the User arising from the originally contracted Rental Agreement (Rental Agreement during which the originally rented vehicle become immobile) apply analogously to the replacement vehicle.
REPLACEMENT VEHICLE. The Rental Company is free to refuse to provide the Renter with a replacement vehicle in case of accident, breakdown, theft, damage or for any other reason, without having to justify the reason for its refusal.
REPLACEMENT VEHICLE the late application for a visa to the relevant authorities, passport non-compliance and lack of vaccination.
REPLACEMENT VEHICLE. You must: send to the insurer all documents necessary to open the case and to also prove the legitimacy of the case and the claim amount. In any case, you will be automatically requested to provide the original copies of the detailed invoices and proof of the vehicle’s inoperativeness.
REPLACEMENT VEHICLE a) If the vehicle cannot be provided in the price group included in the reservation confirmation at the time of handover, the Lessor reserves the right to provide a vehicle comparable in performance, design, and accessories. No additional rental fees shall be incurred by the Lessee in this circumstance. Cancellation by the Lessee in accordance with § 543 (2) No. 1 BGB is excluded in these cases, unless provision of a replacement vehicle fails, is unreasonably delayed, or refused by the Lessor. Insofar as the Lessee’s legitimate interests are contrary, he can refuse to accept a larger vehicle as a contractual service.
REPLACEMENT VEHICLE. 11.1 The Owner is not obliged to provide any replacement vehicle during any Unavailability Period. However, the Owner may at its sole discretion provide or make available to the Hirer another vehicle of such make or model and for such duration as the Owner may determine (“Replacement Vehicle”).
REPLACEMENT VEHICLE. If you sell or transfer your Nominated Vehicle, MDR may in its absolute discretion agree to transfer the benefits of the Membership Program once to another Nominated Vehicle, provided that the replacement Nominated Vehicle is not older than the original Nominated Vehicle. The replacement Nominated Vehicle will be subject to Pre- Qualification. MDR will not permit more than one transfer for any Membership.
REPLACEMENT VEHICLE. 13.1 The Lease Contract states whether a replacement transport (bicycle) is included in the Instalment.
REPLACEMENT VEHICLE. In the event of breakdown or accident involving the renter’s vehicle during the trip Arrangement of a replacement vehicle of an equivalent category to the inoperative vehicle for a maximum duration of 3 consecutive days The renter’s CIVIL LIABILITY WHILE ON HOLIDAY Rental civil liability following fire, explosion or water damage - Limit of cover per Claim and per duration of rental agreement of the Rented property - Where help has been sought from neighbours and Third parties - Where there has been a loss in rent and deprivation of use €1,500,000 €450,000 €50,000 Excess of €200 Civil liability towards ‘entrusted moveable property’ - Limit of cover per Claim and per duration of rental agreement of the Rented property subject to rate of wear and tear - Moveable assets with no invoice €3,000 €200 Excess of €50
REPLACEMENT VEHICLE. Should, for any unforseen reason, a car reserved by hirer not be available at the start of the rental period, LivCuraçao Rentals B.V. will arrange for one of its own (comparable) cars as replacement or, in case that is not possible, a replacement vehicle in the same price category from any other car rental company. In such cases, hirer is not entitled to any restitution of the total rental amount already paid. Any additional costs for a replacement vehicle will be borne by LivCuraçao Rentals B.V. In case you are provided with a replacement vehicle from another car rental company, you will need to comply with that company’s terms and conditions. Possible nullity or invalidity of one or more provisions in these GTC does not affect the applicability and validity of all other provisions. The hirer indemnifies LivCuraçao Rentals B.V. for all liability for injuries and other health issues caused to persons transported in the car and/or damage to or loss of goods / personal belongings transported in the car. Furthermore, in the broadest sense of the word, you indemnify LivCuraçao Rentals B.V. of all requirements that could apply to LivCuraçao Rentals B.V. with regard to reimbursements of expenses and indemnities which could result in any way from or in connection with the ownership or rental of the car. In cases in which these GTC do not provide, the decision-making authority lies with LivCuraçao Rentals B.V. Curaçao law governs the RA and these GTC. Any disputes will be submitted to the Court of First Instance of Curaçao. Curaçao, June 2020