Release Documents Sample Clauses

Release Documents. When the terms of Section 3.3 are satisfied with respect to the Collateral Property, Lender shall execute and deliver to the Borrower such documents as may be necessary or appropriate to release the Owner and Borrower from their respective obligations under the Loan Documents and to release all liens held by Lender on the Collateral Property. All such documents shall be prepared by Borrower's counsel, shall be in a form appropriate in the jurisdiction in which such Collateral Property is located, shall be reasonably acceptable to Lender in form and substance and shall be delivered to Lender at least thirty (30) days before the proposed release date.
Release Documents. Emergent shall prepare the Emergent Release Documents, and other information required by Section 3.9 of the Quality Agreement, specific to each Batch, and shall use commercially reasonable efforts to submit them to Aptevo, the Aptevo Representative (if applicable) or Aptevo’s other designated representatives as set forth in the Quality Agreement. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Parties acknowledge and agree that investigations and deviations may require additional time and impact timelines for completion of the Emergent Release Documents. Emergent Release Documents shall not be considered final unless and until Emergent’s Quality Department has performed a review thereof. Aptevo shall use commercially reasonable efforts to issue the Aptevo Certificate of Analysis and such other Aptevo required release documents as are agreed by the Parties in writing from time to time for each Batch of Product within fifteen (15) days after its receipt of the Emergent Release Documents from Emergent.
Release Documents. Upon the termination or expiration of any License, Licensee shall immediately upon the request and at the expense of Licensor, deliver a release in recordable form of any instruments of record evidencing such License.
Release Documents. 1. The forms of the general waiver and release of claims agreement required by the Release Requirements are attached as Appendix A and Appendix B hereto. The terms of Appendix A and Appendix B are hereby incorporated by reference into this Agreement.
Release Documents. The payment of any amounts or benefits on termination in excess of the amounts listed in Section 10(a) that are required to be paid by law (the “Extra Consideration”) shall be conditioned upon Employee’s execution without subsequent revocation of a reasonable release of all employment related claims in favor of the Company and its affiliates in such reasonable form provided by the Company (the “Release”). Unless otherwise required by law, the consideration and revocation period for the Release shall extend for a period of no greater than thirty (30) days, with payments of Extra Consideration to begin in accordance with the applicable provisions of Section 10(b) following the expiration of the revocation period.
Release Documents. POLYPEPTIDE shall test the PRODUCT before delivery to CUSTOMER or a designee thereof in accordance with the Quality Agreement and shall provide to CUSTOMER in the time frame agreed upon among the parties, but in no event later than the date on which the PRODUCT is delivered, (i) a Certificate of Analysis containing the quality control test results for the lot, and confirming that the lot of PRODUCT conforms to the Specifications, and (ii) a Certificate of Conformance confirming that the lot of PRODUCT was made in accordance with cGMPs and the process defined in the approved Master Batch Record (collectively, (i) and (ii) are the “POLYPEPTIDE Release Documents”). Simultaneously with the delivery of the POLYPEPTIDE Release Documents, POLYPEPTIDE shall deliver to CUSTOMER copies of documents detailing any deviations, investigations or non-conformances from any manufacturing processes then in effect. All documents described in this Section 4.3 shall be in English.