Recording and Filing Sample Clauses

Recording and Filing. Grantor will cause the Loan Documents (requested by the Beneficiary) and all amendments and supplements thereto and substitutions therefor to be recorded, filed, re-recorded, and refiled in such manner and in such places as Trustee or Beneficiary shall reasonably request, and will pay all such recording, filing, re-recording and refiling taxes, documentary stamp taxes, fees, and other charges.
Recording and Filing. The Borrower shall cause this Regulatory Agreement and all amendments and supplements hereto and thereto, to be recorded and filed in the real property records of the County of Orange and in such other places as the Governmental Lender may reasonably request. The Borrower shall pay all fees and charges incurred in connection with any such recording.
Recording and Filing. Pursuant to the Participation Agreement, the Company covenants that it will cause all financing statements related to this Indenture and all supplements thereto and the Participation Agreement and all supplements thereto, as well as such other security agreements, financing statements and all supplements thereto and other instruments as may be required from time to time to be kept, to be recorded and filed in such manner and in such places as may from time to time be required by law in order to preserve and protect fully the security of Holders and the rights of the Trustee hereunder, and to take or cause to be taken any and all other action necessary to perfect the security interest created by this Indenture. The Company is obligated under Section 5.08 of the Participation Agreement to file all such financing statements and other security agreements. The Trustee is hereby authorized to file all financing statements in the event that the Company does not file them.
Recording and Filing. This Agreement, as originally executed, or a memorandum hereof, shall be recorded by the Lessee at its sole cost and expense in the appropriate office of the Register of The City of New York, or in such other office as may at the time be provided by law as the proper place for the recordation thereof.
Recording and Filing. The Borrower shall cause this Deed of Trust and all amendments, supplements, and substitutions to be recorded, filed, re-recorded and re-filed in such manner and in such places as the Lender may reasonably request. The Borrower will pay all recording filing, re-recording and re-filing taxes, fees and other charges.
Recording and Filing. At the Closing, the Mortgage (except for the Supplemental Indenture) shall have been duly recorded, and the Supplemental Indenture shall have been duly filed for recordation as a mortgage of real estate, in the only counties in which any real property subject to the lien of the Mortgage is located, and all requisite steps shall have been taken to perfect the security interest of the Mortgage in the personal property of the Company; and at the Closing, all taxes and recording and filing fees required to be paid with respect to the execution, recording or filing of the Mortgage, the filing of financing statements and similar documents and the issuance of the Bonds shall have been paid.
Recording and Filing. Pledgor shall pay all costs of filing, registering, and recording this and every other instrument in addition or supplemental hereto and all financing statements Secured Party may reasonably require, in such offices and places and at such times and as often as may be, in the judgment of Secured Party, necessary to create, perfect, preserve, protect, and renew the Lien hereof on and in the Security, and otherwise do and perform all matters or things necessary or expedient to be done or observed by reason of any law or regulation of any applicable jurisdiction or any other competent authority for the purpose of effectively creating, perfecting, preserving, protecting, maintaining, and renewing the Lien hereof in and on the Security and the priority thereof. Pledgor shall also pay the costs of obtaining reports from appropriate filing offices concerning Lien filings in respect of any of the Security. A carbon, photographic, or other reproduction of this Security Agreement or of any financing statement relating hereto shall be sufficient as a financing statement.