Quit Sample Clauses

Quit. Upon the date the Executive retires, resigns or otherwise terminates his employment with the Company other than with Good Reason or on account of Executive’s death. If the Executive so voluntarily terminates his employment with the Company prior to December 31, 2023, it shall be considered a material breach of this Agreement (unless such termination is within the 30-day window following the thirtieth day following a Change in Control, as contemplated by subparagraph 10(g)). In the event of the Executive’s quit, the Company shall pay to the Executive the Accrued Benefits, and all other benefits or payments due or owing the Executive shall be forfeited.
Quit. 3. Layoff in excess of one hundred and eighty (180) days.
Quit. (B) If an employee is absent from work without notifying the Company by the end of the second scheduled shift that they will be unable to report they will be considered as having quit;
Quit. For an employee who loses his seniority because of a quit, insurance as described in Article II and dental coverage will cease as of the date the loss of seniority occurs. With respect to the coverage described in Article III, except dental, the Company’s contributions will cease as of the end of the month in which loss of seniority occurs.
Quit. It is further understood that if the Employer is notified by an employee of a change of address, that change will be forwarded with the next remittance of Union Dues.
Quit. Turns off the Serialize Program and saves any setup information in the file Serialize.ini. This file will initialize the setup information the next time the program is started. Xing out of the program (top right of screen) does not save the setup info.
Quit. This command is used to quit the program and return control of the computer to the operating system.