Pump Sample Clauses

Pump. The process of extracting Groundwater from the Basin.
Pump. 2. Motorized valve.
Pump. IMED shall pay to DEBIOTECH a royalty on the Pump Net Proceeds of Sales for each type of Pump at a rate which shall be determined as follows:
Pump. The calcium pump shall be hydraulically driven and be able to deliver 6 GPM minimum. The pump and hydraulic motor shall be housed in a sealed fiberglass box. The box shall be mounted as low as possible to allow for a flooded inlet of the pump. The box shall be mounted laying flat on the passenger side bed fender. Consult with City mechanics if there are any questions about box mounting. The pump shall be bronze with stainless steel shaft, bronze bushings, grease fitting and adjustable internal by-pass. The pump shall be directly coupled to the hydraulic motor. The hydraulic lines shall be quick coupled for easy removal of the pump box.
Pump. Pumps shall be Berkeley ECC5 (1/2 HP) or approved equal. (Grinder pumps are not acceptable). A 3 meter long electrical cord shall be supplied with the pump, which shall be located in a heated space. The pump shall be attached to a plywood base which shall be anchored to the concrete floor.
Pump. As IMED's sole remedy for breach of warranty, should any failure to conform with the warranties in Article 11.1 (a) above appear within [CONFIDENTIAL TREATMENT REQUESTED] after a Pump is delivered by IMED to an end user, or [CONFIDENTIAL TREATMENT REQUESTED] after a Pump is delivered to IMED by DEBIOTECH, whichever period ends first, DEBIOTECH shall promptly repair or replace free of charge any Pump not meeting DEBIOTECH's above warranty during the said warranty period; provided, however, that if replacing or repairing the defective Pump fails to remedy the defect, IMED is entitled at its choice to rescind the sales contract insofar as the defective Pump is concerned or to reduce the purchase price by an appropriate amount agreed by DEBIOTECH. IMED shall pay the cost of shipping the defective Pump to DEBIOTECH and DEBIOTECH shall pay the cost of shipping the repaired or replacement Pump to IMED.
Pump. The Contractor Warranty commences immediately upon the occurrence of two weeks of uninterrupted supply of GPM flows within 10% of design values. “Uninterrupted operation” is defined as: no involuntary shutdowns due to mechanical difficulties. Flows will be established by a test and balance report created by Contractor. With respect to the Pump, Contractor will provide written notice to Owner of the date the Contractor Warranty commences.
Pump. 2(TWO) Pumps (one meant as standby) with automatic pump switch.
Pump. Condition of seal, make of seal packing, capacity (GPM), head (feet), and pressure in/out.
Pump. 1. Performance (Pump preliminary performance criteria set forth is based on a Flowserve 14KKH - 9 stages) Discharge Capacity Bowl Head Minimum Bowl Maximum Net Positive Suction Head Required (GPM) (Feet) Efficiency (Feet) Xxxxxxx Xxxx 000 (xxx) XX XX 000 000 to 850 56 % 13 1,000 800 to 810 73 % 13 1,250 730 to 760 79 % 14 1,500* 670 83 % 20 1,750 585 to 82 % 25 2,000* 480 75 % 20 2,250 350 to 380 66 % 25 * Design condition