Proprietary Sample Clauses

Proprietary. Work required to be performed by the vendor or manufacturer due to the proprietary nature of the product involved.
Proprietary proprietary equipment is designed by the same manufacturer where you can expect a similar and familiar user experience with each device.
Proprietary. The Recipient Party agrees that all Confidential Information is confidential and proprietary to the Disclosing Party disclosing such Confidential Information (whether such Confidential Information was made available prior to the date of this Agreement or after such date) and will be so treated by the Recipient Party and the Recipient Party's Representatives and shall remain the property of the Disclosing Party.
Proprietary. DISTRIBUTOR acknowledges that the Products are proprietary to COMPANY and may not be copied and that all rights of design and invention are reserved by COMPANY.
Proprietary. All books of account, accounting and personnel records, customers’ and supplierslists, documents, vouchers, letters and all other papers and records (in whatever form stored or recorded) pertaining to the Services and information provided to Anworth hereunder shall be the property of Anworth.
Proprietary. INFORMATION The information contained herein is not for use or disclosure outside SBC, Supplier, their affiliated and subsidiary companies, and their third party representatives, except under written agreement. Software Master Agreement No. 03032360
Proprietary. RIGHTS 23.1 Ownership in all Intellectual Property developed, discovered or communicated by either Party, as part of the Agreement and incidental to the delivery of the Services, including all documentation pertaining to the Request for Bid, the Service Provider's Bid and the Agreement, shall vest in the Post Office. Upon termination of the Agreement, all such records or documents, including copies thereof, shall be left with the Post Office or, in so far as they are in possession of the Service Provider, the same shall be handed over to the Post Office or shall be destroyed at the Post Office’s written request.
Proprietary. Any copies of or confidential information concerning either party, including such party’s products, services, drawings, specifications, processes, and intellectual property, which may be provided to the other party (the “Recipient”) as a result of the purchase order between Agility and Customer are proprietary to and remain the exclusive property of such party and may not be used or disclosed by the Recipient without written consent of such party. Customer further agrees not to reverse engineer, disassemble, or decompile any tangible objects of Agility which embody such information. Sale of any product does not include the sale or transfer of any of Agility’s intellectual property rights.