Proofs Sample Clauses

Proofs. The Ceding Company will promptly provide the Reinsurer with proper claim proofs, including a copy of the proof of payment by the Ceding Company, and a copy of the insured's death certificate. In addition, for contestable claims, the Ceding Company will send to the Reinsurer a copy of all papers in connection with the claim.
Proofs. In every case of loss, copies of the proofs obtained by the Ceding Company will be taken by the Reinsurer as sufficient. Copies thereof, together with proof of the amount paid on such claim by the Ceding Company will be furnished to the Reinsurer when requesting its share of the claim.
Proofs. ‘Publisher’ shall furnish the ‘Author’ with page proofs of the ‘Article’, including Cover, Contents of the Issue and Artwork. The Author agrees to read, correct, and return all page proofs within 7 calendar days after receipt thereof. If any changes in the page proofs (other than corrections of typographical errors) are made at the ‘Author’s’ request or with the ‘Author’s’ consent, then the cost of such changes in excess of 5% of the cost of typesetting (exclusive of the cost of setting corrections) shall be paid by the ‘Author’. If the ‘Author’ fails to return the corrected page proofs within the time set forth above, the ‘Publisher’ may publish the ‘Article’ without the ‘Author’s’ approval of the page proofs.
Proofs. If a death claim is made under a risk reinsured under this Agreement, the Ceding Company shall provide the Reinsurer with copies of proof(s) of death of the insured(s), proof of claim payment, and the claimant's statement (collectively "Proofs"). Copies of claim files, underwriting files and other documents relating to a claim payment under this Agreement shall be furnished to the Reinsurer upon written request.
Proofs. The Ceding Company will promptly provide the Reinsurer with proper death claim proofs (including, for example, proofs required under the policy), all relevant information respecting the existence and validity of the death claim, and an itemized statement of the death claim benefits paid by the Ceding Company under the policy.
Proofs. Contract proofs are recommended for all ads. A contract proof printed at 100% with registration marks and color bars can be used for color accuracy, if SWOP-approved. View specifications online at Without an accurate SWOP-provided proof, Ascend Integrated Media cannot be held responsible for the outcome of color on press. Submitting color proofs Mail proofs to: Ascend Integrated Media LLC Attn: AAD Summer Meeting 2018 0000 X. 00xx Xxxxxx, Xxxxx 000 Xxxxxxxx Xxxx, XX 00000 Doctor’s Bag restrictions Due to their weight and bulk, magazines, newspapers and other publications will not be permitted to be distributed through the bag. Prices are based on an average sized paper insert. Bulk items will be assessed an additional fee based on weight and dimensions; please contact your sales representative for more information. A minimum of four inserts from any combination of advertisers must be reserved for the Doctor’s Bag to be delivered. Ad materials subject to AAD approval. See mechanical specifications for more information. Advertising restrictions Exhibit items, advertising literature or pamphlets that are distributed may contain only recognized indications and claims. Advertising in any media that particular products or services have been exhibited at the AAD Summer Meeting or in a manner that could be construed as an endorsement by the Academy or by its members is prohibited. With the exception of the Academy approved recognition programs, Academy logos, seals, trademarks, service marks, or other similar property rights, including those that are in disuse, may not be used in connection with any product or advertising materials displayed or distributed. Please reference the AAD Advertising Standards for the entire policy. Specifications for Meeting News Landing Page and content pages • Leaderboard, banner and tower ads must in GIF, JPG or SWF format at 72 dpi, RGB and submitted at actual size. Please note that premium rotator ads must be static ads and have a safety area that is smaller than the actual ad size. • For linked ads, URL must be submitted along with creative material by email or in a Word document. Both the ad and the URL for linking are subject to the approval of the association. • The maximum ad file size is 100kb–125kb. • All third-party vendor-supplied tags are subject to approval and must be accompanied by actual GIF or JPG image(s) and destination URL. In addition, tags need to be distinct for email or site usage. Leaderboard Ad...
Proofs. The Ceding Company will promptly provide the Reinsurer with proper claim proofs, all relevant information respecting the claim, and an itemized statement of the benefits paid by the Ceding Company.
Proofs. Unless otherwise specified, all proofs and appropriate correspondence should be sent to the Client whose name appears on the specifications. At least one proof must be trimmed to final size, backed up, folded, and bound to match the job specifications. It is the responsibility of the Client to review the proof with the client and return the corrected/accepted proof to the Contractor within two working days following receipt, unless a longer time period is noted in the specifications or the client assumes responsibility for a delay resulting in delay in delivery of the job. The Client will notify Contractor as soon as possible as to any delays, which may necessitate changes to the Contractor’s production schedule. Proofs should be accompanied by the original production materials furnished by the University. Corrected proofs will be returned to the Contractor for production use. Additional proofs may be required. Over-runs/under-runs and consecutive numbering. The University client determines the needed quantity. Consequently, under-runs will not be accepted. A designated number of file copies of each publication are to be delivered to University Institutional Marketing unless otherwise noted on the specifications. Where an over-run is available, the University client may elect to pay the additional cost and accept delivery. Arrangements for over-run delivery, including price acceptance, must be made with the coordinator and/or Procurement Services prior to actual shipment of over-runs. All consecutively numbered forms and documents must have a complete series as specified. Neither partial nor “broken” numbered series will be accepted. Complete series over-runs may be accepted under the terms stated above.
Proofs. 7.1 The Buyer is solely responsible for checking and approving the final proof prior to printing, No liability lies with the Seller if the proofs were approved with any mistake apparent, no matter how the error occurred. The Seller will not begin printing until the final confirmation email, with payment, have been received.
Proofs. The Ceding Company will provide, at the Reinsurer's request, proper Claim proofs (including, for example, proofs required under the policy), all relevant information respecting the existence and validity of the Claim, and an itemized statement of the Claim benefits paid by Ceding Company under the policy.