Promotional Sample Clauses

Promotional. Promotional examinations may be conducted whenever, in the opinion of the Personnel Officer, the needs of the service require. Only permanent employees who meet the requirements set forth in the promotional examination announcements may compete in promotional examinations. There shall be no age limit for qualifying an employee within the classified services for a promotional examination.
Promotional. An engager may make and distribute a recording through any media (including but not limited to social media channels), providing that such usage is for its own promotional purposes and strictly non- commercial, i.e. no financial profit is generated for the engager or any third party by the distribution or other exploitation of the recording. Such promotional recordings must be limited to a maximum of 20 minutesaggregate length, and no single musical piece, however short, may be used in its entirety. The engager may share recording excerpts with external partners that have a direct connection with the promotion (e.g. festivals, venues, collaborating artists, composers) for such partners’ own non-commercial promotional purposes, provided the engager retains copyright in the recording. Where feasible, the engager will inform the musician of the intention to record under the Permitted Exceptions clause at the time of offering the engagement, and before it is accepted, if it is intended to record or broadcast any part of the work offered. Where this has not been feasible (for instance, in cases where an opportunity to create a promotional recording only presents itself after personnel for the project have been fixed) the engager must give reasonable advance notice of such recording to musicians. The engager must also ensure that a record of all participating musicians is kept, such that this can be used as the basis for the future distribution of payment to musicians in the event of subsequent commercial usage. Recordings made under the terms of the Permitted Exceptions shall not be used by the engager to evaluate the capabilities of any musician engaged under this Agreement, except at the request of the musician. Third-Party Commissions: Where a third party other than the engaging orchestra (e.g. a festival or venue engaging the orchestra for a performance, or a guest conductor or soloist) wishes to commission and retain the copyright in an archive or promotional recording, the engager shall ensure that musicians are remunerated with an appropriate additional fee, either through negotiation with the union or based on the provisions of an existing and appropriate Collective Agreement (e.g. the Live Recording Session Fee currently set out at clause 8.1 of the BPI/MU Agreement). For the avoidance of doubt, where a recording is made by a third party in partnership with the engaging orchestra and the third party agrees that the copyright in the recording will be ...
Promotional. An employee promoted within the Bargaining Unit shall serve a promotional probationary period of six (6) months. If the promoted employee fails to satisfactorily complete the promotional probationary period, such employee shall be returned to the employee’s previous position. The Employer agrees, in the event a promoted employee is returned to the previous position during the promotional probationary period, to meet and discuss with the employee the reason(s) that warranted such return.
Promotional. Current non-probationary employees who are successful in their bid for a promotion within the bargaining unit, will serve a six (6) month probationary period for the sole purpose of determining whether the employee can perform the duties of the higher level job. If the employee is unable to perform the higher level duties, he/she shall be entitled to return to his/her former job with all seniority and benefits. In the event the promotional opportunity is outside of the bargaining unit, the employee will have a right to return to the bargaining unit if their failure to make probation within six (6) months is for anything other than disciplinary reasons. Time spent outside the bargaining unit will not accrue toward bargaining unit seniority.
Promotional. ELEMENTS
Promotional. Internet Extracts for streaming or download on WNO website, venue websites and other websites for specific and general promotional purposes 0 Each extract or compilation subject to a maximum of 20 minutes music content. Downloadable material to be limited to 30 days usage from date of download Television & Radio Extracts for broadcast for specific and general promotional purposes including, but not limited to: news access, arts magazine programmes, generic arts documentaries 0 Each extract or compilation subject to maximum of 10 minutes music / production content Video & screening Extracts for screening on large public screens, indoor and outdoor, for specific and general promotional purposes and / or as part of non-commercial videos produced by third-parties including, but not limited to: venues, arts councils, tourist boards, Government departments or agencies 0 Each extract or compilation subject to maximum of 20 minutes music / production content Audio Extracts for use on promotional CDs or other audio media. For specific or generic promotion 0 Each extract or compilation subject to maximum of 20 minutes music content Archive Archive recordings of full productions or concert performances 0 Recording to be made for reference purposes only for use by WNO and by potential hirers / co-producers of WNO. Recording should be of a quality suited to its purpose as reference material Appendix H Terms and Conditions for freelance musicians working as Extras & Deputies with the Orchestra of Welsh National Opera: Revised September 2019 A Theatrical Engagements – for performances of complete operas, ballets and musicals (including Concert Performances of Main-scale Opera) A1 Fees: 3 hour 30 minute Performance (or up to 4 hour dress rehearsal) Rehearsal 1 2 2.5 hours 3 hours 3.5 hours MAX short opera Rehearsal 3 Up to 2 hour Short rehearsal4 Up to 1 hour Rehearsal or balance call 6 hour 5 Long opera (or up to 7 hour dress rehearsal) Tutti £90.34 £81.71 £61.52 £40.85 £180.69 Sub-Principal £96.82 £87.22 £67.21 £43.62 £193.62 Principal £98.07 £88.51 £68.49 £44.26 £196.15 Section Principal £105.83 £97.04 £74.10 £48.49 £211.67 1. A rehearsal can be scheduled at 2.5, 3 or 3.5 hours;
Promotional. ACTIVITY Artist shall be available to appear at and participate in activities in connection with the promotion of the Products, provided that Artist's schedule of painting production and family activities allows, as determined solely by the Artist. Publisher shall reimburse Artist for all reasonable expenses incurred in connection with such activities, including the travel and accommodation costs of his family.
Promotional. MATERIAL