Profile Sample Clauses

Profile a. Personnel of the National Civil Police must have a vocation of service to the community, a capacity for human relations and emotional maturity, and the conduct and physical condition required to serve as a police officer. They must also be suited to serving in a police force which is designed, structured and operated as a civilian institution with the purpose of protecting and guaranteeing the free exercise of the rights and freedoms of individuals; preventing and combating all types of crimes; and maintaining internal peace, tranquillity, order and public security. They must also be able to adjust their conduct satisfactorily to the doctrine and legal regime of the National Civil Police. Both admission to the National Public Security Academy and final admission to the police force shall require checking the profile of candidates. Specific evaluation criteria shall be established for this purpose, with rigorous standards set for each level of responsibility.
Profile. 15.5.1. After finishing work within the Profile You shall log out from the Verifo System and shall not leave the Profile accessible to third persons.
Profile. At some stage after you log onto the platform, you will be asked to complete a profile. The information you provide in your profile is the basis on which we identify you for purposes of communicating with you, fulfil any reporting obligations that we have to any regulatory or governmental authorities, and conduct any anti-money laundering or other checks we run on you, which you may change at any time. You must complete the profile truthfully, and you must keep the information in your profile up to date.
Profile. In order for administrators to do mass deployment, Profile page allows to export all power configuration and system settings from the target computer. Each computer running PowerPanel Business Edition can import this profile to apply the same power configuration and system settings.
Profile. A description of the significant features of the collection areas of special interest to the library, such as academic discipline, country or region of publication, or language. The profile serves as a basis for approval plan or leasing plan orders and is developed by the FEDLINK member in collaboration with the vendor.
Profile. Your corporate profile will be posted on the Internet via the TeamWork Kommunikations GmbH directory. Your Company will have its own portrait page with a link to your original homepage in the USA plus all corporate news and press releases will be posted in English and German languages.
Profile. To access your client profile you will be issued with a username and password (UNPW). Once you log in you will be able to make changes to your listing, update inspection times, amend property descriptions and upload or change photography. You should immediately notify if you consider that someone has accessed your client profile without your authorisation. must verify all uploads and amendments to all profiles. This process can take up to 2 business days.
Profile. Xxxxxxxx’s personal profile created on the Website, accessible upon the Borrower entering his/her username and password (logging). Upon logging on the Profile, the first time the Borrower enters the automatically generated password which Borrower must immediately change to a new and unique password known to Borrower only. The access to the Profile is allowed only by inserting Borrowers username and password, which are identifying the Borrower. Borrower is fully and solely liable for all consequences arising out of any misuse or abuse of the Profile by any third party.
Profile. Upon registration and creation of the Account, each User will have access to a page which will provide the profile of such User (“Profile”), which will contain up-to-date information, including allowed personal information of the User. The Profile of a User shall be visible to other Users and in addition to the basic information with respect to the User will contain s uch details including the ratings and rankings, the services or requirements Posted by the User, the Postings and Feedback received from other Users, the photo of the User and such other features as may be provided by the Company to the Users from time to time. A User shall be entitled to delete or deactivate the Profile and the information provided therein; provided that such deletion or deactivation shall be limited to such information available on the Platform only and not on the servers or backend systems maintained by the Company. A User who has deleted or deactivated his Profile can activate such User’s profile by writing to the, subject to any other conditions imposed by the Company for such reactivation. A User may be required to undergo initial or additional background verification checks prior to or at the time of the reactivation. User acknowledges and agrees that User shall not be allowed to delete any transaction details including but not limited to invoice, bank details, financial information or any other information which are required for compliance under the applicable law or for reconciliation by the Company, banks, payment gateways or financial institutions. User hereby expressly consents and agrees to waive any right, whether under law or contract, which may compel the Company to delete such data. Any login to Your Account shall automatically direct You to Your Profile page. Upon logging out of the Account by You, You will have no further access to Your Account and You may clear Your cached data and successfully exit the Platform. Subject to these Terms of Use, You may populate Your Profile information by obtaining Your Profile data from any verified account maintained by you on the social media website, allowed by the Company on the Platform. However, do note that you alone will be responsible for the information so obtained from such social media websites and the Company will not be required to verify the veracity of such information available in your account maintained on any social media website. Apart from the above, you will have the following facilities with respect ...
Profile. Xxxxxx Xxxxxx has worked as a registered nurse since 1975. Through her various roles, Xx. Xxxxxx has worked for the Medicare, Medicaid, and independent review programs. Currently, she serves as MPRO’s Director of Medical Review Services, which combines her duties as director of the Medicaid fee-for-service (FFS) review and all independent review services that includes internal and external appeals, informal dispute resolution, and independent informal dispute resolution.. Additionally, she oversees quality improvement activities with Michigan providers under our 11SOW Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) quality innovative network (QIN) quality improvement organization (QIO) contract. For all contracts, Xx. Xxxxxx ensures compliance with federal and state regulations related to medical review activities. She also provides education and training to nurse reviewers, coders, and medical records staff. She is an expert resource for daily review and monitoring activities. She manages Utilization Review Accreditation Commission (URAC) re-credentialing, staff education, physician credentialing, internal and external quality improvement activities, medical records management, and confidentiality/Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance issues. In addition she provides technical assistance to project managers on quality and process improvement tools and interventions. She serves as a liaison among MPRO, specialty groups, and other health care partners and stakeholders; she also directs the day-to-day operations for beneficiary protection, patient safety, and care transition projects, among many other tasks. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Director of Medical Review Services, 2004 – Present MPRO, Farmington Hills, MI ▪ Directs day-to-day operations for our Michigan Medicaid FFS review projects; including prior authorization of services and retrospective case review. ▪ Directs day-to-day operations for beneficiary protection, patient safety, and care transition projects ▪ Manages internal and external independent review contracts ▪ Oversees project budgets ▪ Provides leadership and expertise for the timely development, implementation, and evaluation of Medicare, Medicaid, and IROcontract deliverables ▪ Provides technical assistance on quality and process improvement tools and interventions ▪ Serves as contact for MPRO, specialty groups, and other health care stakeholders ▪ Prepares and presents educational offerings for local, statewid...