PREVIOUS LEASE. The previous lease for the Premises between the parties hereto (the “Prior Lease”) shall continue in full force and effect through December 31, 2003, but shall have no effect thereafter except as to obligations existing as of December 31, 2003 but not yet satisfied including, without limitation, any and all indemnification obligations.
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PREVIOUS LEASE. Landlord and Xxxxxx entered a Landlord-Tenant relationship by virtue of a previously executed Lease Agreement, dated _______________, 20 , (hereinafter “Lease Agreement”), and incorporated herein by reference thereto or by attachment hereto. Term of said Lease Agreement commenced on the day of _______________, 20___, and will/did expire on the ___ day of _______________, 20___.
PREVIOUS LEASE. It is acknowledged that you reside at: 0000 Xxxx Xxxxx #202 Lease Contract the most recent of which is dated the day 7/12/2017. The previous Lease expires on the 7/31/2018 and you desire to remain in possession of the apartment beyond this date, upon the terms of the lease.
PREVIOUS LEASE. If the term of years granted by the Previous Lease shall be determined under the proviso for re-entry contained therein this Lease shall become null and void.
PREVIOUS LEASE. This Lease shall supersede and replace all previous leases of any part of the Premises between Lessee and Lessor and between Strategic Products Corporation and Lessor.
PREVIOUS LEASE. This Lease Agreement supercedes and replaces Landlord’s and Tenant’s previous lease for the Premises dated March 17, 1995, as amended most recently by the First Addendum to Lease dated May 31, 1995 (hereinafter collectively referred to as the “Previous Lease”).
PREVIOUS LEASE. 3.34.1 To observe and perform the tenant’s covenants contained in the Previous Leases until the Term Commencement Date of this Lease and the Tenant will remain liable for any outstanding obligations (including excess service charge liability) under any Previous Lease.
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PREVIOUS LEASE. It is agreed that this surface has previously been leased NON-EXCLUSIVELY to Tug Valley Land Development, LLC of P. O. Xxx 0000, Xxxxxxx, XX 00000 on or about the 20th day of February 1999. It is agreed that the term of that agreement was congruent with a mineral lease dated February 19, 1999 which has been deemed "Expired" by the Lessor's therein. It is agreed that LESSEE herein takes this surface agreement at his own risk BUT LESSOR herein does, by this agreement, extend unto LESSEE all rights retained by LESSOR in that agreement which state: "Lessors expressly retain and reserve the right, as long at it does not unreasonably interfere with the rights herein granted, to use (and to lease or convey to others) the land included within the Lessors surface for activities in connection with the mining and removal of all coal located above or below Lessees' seams leased from the "Xxxx Xxxxxxx Heirs" within Lessors Surface or upon adjacent or nearby lands."
PREVIOUS LEASE. This lease replaces the prior lease dated November 11, 2014 between Nevada Medical Group, LLC and Resort Holdings 5, LLC.
PREVIOUS LEASE. 5.1 The Tenant will remain liable for any outstanding obligations (including excess service charge liability) under the Previous Lease notwithstanding the expiry of its term.
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