Poly Sample Clauses

Poly pharmaceutical use is defined as simultaneous use of six (6) or more medications from different drug classes and/or simultaneous use of three (3) or more medications from the same drug class; and
Poly. Wood shall pay the amount provided in Section 19.1, or One Thousand Dollars and Zero Cents ($1,000.00), within thirty (30) days of the Effective Date by sending a business check or wire transfer payable to “EAST END TRIAL GROUP LLC IOLTA ATTORNEY TRUST ACCOUNTto Class Counsel in care of Xxxxx X. Xxxxxx, East End Trial Group, LLC, at an address or account to be confirmed by Class Counsel before payment.
Poly. Wood shall forward the results of the semi-annual automated accessibility audit to Class Counsel as part of Poly-Wood’s Annual Report or semi-annual Letter of Reasonable Accessibility, whichever is next due following the date Poly-Wood completed the semi-annual automated accessibility audit.
Poly. Flex UK Income Taxes and Tax Returns. Except as disclosed on Schedule 4.10, all Tax Returns required to be made, submitted or given to any Tax Authority by Poly-Flex UK on or before the date hereof have been properly and duly prepared and punctually made, submitted or given and are up-to-date and correct, and all Income Tax shown as due on such Tax Returns has been paid.
Poly. Flex UK is not and has not during its period of ownership by the Seller agreed to become an agent, manager or factor for the purposes of Section 47 of the VATA ) (agents, etc.) of a person not resident in the United Kingdom.
Poly. Gel Party shall mean Poly-Gel, Gel Concepts, LLC, a New Jersey limited liability company, or, solely in their capacity as such, any, officer, director, member or manager thereof.
Poly. Wood shall include a copy of the Status Report as an exhibit to the Annual Report provided to Class Counsel on the anniversary of the Effective Date during the Agreement Term.
Poly. Flex US is not, and has never been, a party to any pension plan or welfare benefit plan that is a Multiemployer Plan. No Employee Plan other than the Stern Plan and the Stern Hourly Pxxx (as defined in Xxxxxon 11.1(a)(iv) hereof) is a defined benefit pension plan subject to Title IV of ERISA or is subject to Code Section 412.
Poly. Nova shall have the right to withhold the Goods until payment of all his open claims have been settled by the Purchaser.
Poly. Wood shall publish an accessible version of the Notice attached to the Agreement as Exhibit A on the settlement website located at xxx.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xxx.