Poly Sample Clauses

Poly pharmaceutical use is defined as simultaneous use of six (6) or more medications from different drug classes and/or simultaneous use of three (3) or more medications from the same drug class; and
Poly. Cell shall, within ten (10) days after the Closing Date, prepare and file a properly completed sales tax return with the Mississippi State Tax Commission and pay all sales taxes, interest and damages which Poly-Cell owes. Poly-Cell shall furnish copies of the sales tax return and proof of payment to Xxxxxx Xxxxxx, L.L.P., as the escrow agent of the Sales Tax Escrow. If Poly-Cell fails to timely prepare and file a sales tax return and pay all required amounts, Xxxxxx Xxxxxx, L.L.P., as the escrow agent of the Sales Tax Escrow, shall pay the sum held in escrow to the Mississippi State Tax Commission, to be applied to sales taxes, interest and damages which Poly-Cell owes.
Poly. Flex UK has been properly admitted to participation in the Cookson UK Trust and such particixxxxxx has been approved by the Inland Revenue.
Poly. Pacific shall pay PPI, in connection with the Services provided for by the Manager, for as long as he is located in and is a resident of the United States of America, an annual management fee of eighty thousand US dollars (US$80,000.00) which shall be paid in monthly installments on the last day of each month with a mid-month advance, or on such intervals as may be agreed upon between the parties, less all deductions or withholdings required by law.
Poly. Flex UK Income Taxes and Tax Returns. Except as disclosed on Schedule 4.10, all Tax Returns required to be made, submitted or given to any Tax Authority by Poly-Flex UK on or before the date hereof have been properly and duly prepared and punctually made, submitted or given and are up-to-date and correct, and all Income Tax shown as due on such Tax Returns has been paid.
Poly. Nova’s liability for damages shall be limited by the amount of agreed penalties.
Poly. Cell shall have withheld or collected from each payment made to each employee of Poly-Cell the amount of all taxes required to be withheld or collected therefrom and the same, to the extent due and payable, shall have been paid to the proper tax depositories or collecting authorities.
Poly. Nova shall be entitled to demand immediate restitution of the delivered but not fully paid Goods, if the Purchaser does not fulfill his payment-obligations on time and fully, or if insolvency proceedings over the Purchaser’s assets are opened or filed. The same shall apply in case of rejection of a respec- tive application due to lack of funds, if the Purchaser suspends his payments or if he tries to achieve an extrajudicial compen- sation with its creditors. Any return shall only be deemed a re- scission from the contract subject to our express confirmation. Poly-Nova reserves the right to claim damages from non- performance. The buyer shall bear all costs and expenses arising.