Perpetual Sample Clauses

Perpetual. Never ending or changing.
Perpetual. ¹ In the perpetual model, the usage right of the software is for an unlimited period of time. The software can be used after the maintenance has expired in versions that are not newer than the expiry of the maintenance.
Perpetual. If the Software is licensed on a “Perpetual” basis, Client’s rights to use the Software shall continue indefinitely except in the event of a material breach by Client.
Perpetual. If You obtain the Materials under a perpetual license type (i.e., You received a confirmation email from EdiFabric stating that You had purchased Enterprise plan), You may run as many Instances as needed for use by any number of concurrent users in as many environments as you like, as long as you are the owner of these environments, and subject to the compliance with all of the terms and conditions of this Agreement. Your license is perpetual and allows you to continue using the last version of the Materials you obtained, even after your updates and support plan had expired.
Perpetual. The Covenants and Restrictions are intended to be perpetual.
Perpetual. In order for the donation to qualify for income and estate tax benefits, the conservation easement must be a restriction(s) granted in perpetuity on real property and apply to all future owners. QUALIFIED ORGANIZATION* IRS Reg. Sec. 1.170A-14 (c) # A governmental unit $ A charitable organization described in Section 501(c)3 of IRS code. *They agree to “hold” and monitor the easement in perpetuity. The landowner typically makes a cash gift to the land trust to hold the easement.
Perpetual. Under this model we grant you a perpetual, non-revocable (except in the event of a material violation of this Agreement) license to the applicable On-Premise Software.
Perpetual. The model has been constructed to extend for a perpetual term the protection given to a Riparian Buffer for a term of years under CRP or CREP.
Perpetual. Under this model We grant You a perpetual, non-revocable (except in the event of a material violation of this Agreement) license to the applicable On Premise Software.
Perpetual. A fixed income security with no maturity date, e.g., British consul or a preferred stock with no sinking fund. PFD Preferred Pick-up The gain in yield resulting from the sale of one block of bonds and the purchase of another block with a greater yield. Pit A trading area on the floor of an exchange where only one kind of security is traded. In futures parlance, it is a trading area on the floor of an exchange where one or more types of futures contracts may be traded. Point One percent of the face amount of a bond; $10 for each $1000 face amount. Bond prices are quoted in points and fractions of points. Pool A collection of mortgages assembled by an originator or master servicer as the basis for a security. Pools are identified by a number.