PACIFIC Sample Clauses

PACIFIC reserves the right on one hundred eighty (180) calendar days notice to require UNE-Based Switch Port providers to administer their End User records in PACIFIC’s LIDB.
PACIFIC. As used here in, PACIFIC means the applicable above listed ILEC doing business in California.
PACIFIC will make available to CLEC an optional service, Repair Transfer Service (“RTS”). In the event a CLEC’s End User dials 611 (811-8081 for Priority Business customers) for repair, PACIFIC will provide a recorded announcement of the CLEC name and number and PACIFIC will automatically transfer the caller to the CLEC designated 800/888 number for repair service. CLEC must provide written notification to PACIFIC at least thirty (30) calendar days prior to the implementation of RTS. Written notification must include the CLEC name and 800/888 numbers for RTS to the CLEC repair bureau and business office. There will be no charges associated with the initial set-up for RTS, however, charges will apply to any subsequent changes to the recorded name announcement and telephone number. Rates for subsequent changes are set forth in the Appendix PRICING in the “Other (Resale)” category listed as “Repair Transfer Service.” Subsequent charges include: Recorded Name Announcement, 800/888 Telephone Number and Name Announcement & Telephone Number.
PACIFIC. As used herein, PACIFIC means the applicable above listed ILEC doing business in California.
PACIFIC in its role as the California Code Administrator, will provide routine reporting on NXX availability, consistent with the orders of the Commission.
PACIFIC. [BORA] LTD., a corporation organised and existing under the laws of Liberia (the “Borrower”);
PACIFIC. Australia (includes Cocos (Keeling) Island) (AU), Christmas Island (CX), Cook Islands (CK), Fiji Islands (FJ), French Polynesia (PF), Kiribati (KI), Nauru (NR), New Caledonia (includes Loyalty Islands) (NC), New Zealand (NZ), Niue (NU), Norfolk Islands (NF), Palau Islands (PW), Papua New Guinea (PG), Samoa (WS), Solomon Islands (SB), Tonga (TO), Tuvalu (TV), U.S. Pacific Islands (includes American Samoa, Northern Mariana Islands) (PC), Vanuatu (VU), Wallis And Futuna Islands (WF) *Asia consists of Asia JB, Asia Other
PACIFIC. If we receive legal process against your account before our cutoff time for legal process which requires us to attach, garnish or turn over your funds, and you do not have enough funds in the account to cover the legal process, we may return items presented against your account the previous Business Day and apply the funds to satisfy the conditions of the legal process. If any legal process directs us to attach, garnish or turn over funds or other property, then, depending on the type of order, we either immediately deliver the funds or property or hold them for a legally permitted period. We do not pay interest on the funds during the period we hold them. If we use funds from a certificate of deposit account, we may impose an early withdrawal penalty. You authorize us to charge your account a legal process fee for each order. See Fee Schedule (“Levy/Legal Service Processing Fee”). You agree to pay our fees and expenses for research and copying of documents and all other expenses, including administrative expenses, we incur in responding to any legal process related to your account. These may include attorneys’ fees and costs. You authorize us to deduct these fees and expenses from any of your accounts without prior notice to you. Any legal process requiring us to attach, garnish or turn over your funds shall be subject to the Bank’s right of setoff and security interest in the account. We are not liable to you for not paying items because we have withdrawn funds from your account or in any way restricted your access to funds because of a legal process or our setoff. Lost/Stolen/Destroyed Cashier’s Checks You do not automatically have the right to stop payment on cashier’s checks you purchase from us. If a cashier’s check is lost, stolen or destroyed, please contact us. In general, you must complete a declaration of loss form describing the cashier’s check and how it was lost, stolen or destroyed. We will then wait ninety days from the date the cashier’s check was issued before we pay your claim. If ninety days has already passed, we will act on your claim within a reasonable time. If the cashier’s check is presented during the ninety day waiting period, we may pay the item to a person entitled to enforce the cashier’s check. If this happens, we will not pay your claim. If we determine that any such instrument is presented by or on behalf of a person who may be a holder in due course or who may otherwise have the right to obtain payment of the cashier’s ch...
PACIFIC. The authorized capital stock of Pacific consists of (i) 600,000,000 shares of Pacific Common Stock, (ii) 5,000,000 shares of Pacific Class A Preferred Stock and (iii) 10,000,000 shares of Pacific Preferred Stock. As of the close of business on September 30, 1996, there were issued and outstanding (i) 85,034,885 shares of Pacific Common Stock, (ii) no shares of Pacific Class A Preferred Stock and (iii) 800,253 shares of Pacific Preferred Stock consisting of 300,000 shares of a series of $4.50 dividend preferred stock, 100,000 shares of a series of $4.40 dividend preferred stock, 200,000 shares of a series of $4.75 dividend preferred stock, 200,000 shares of a series of $4.36 dividend preferred stock and 253 shares of a series of $4.75 dividend preferred stock (convertible on or before October 31, 1996). All of the issued and outstanding shares of the capital stock of Pacific are validly issued, fully paid, nonassessable and free of preemptive rights. Except as set forth in Section 3.03(a) of the Pacific Disclosure Schedule, as of the date hereof, there are no outstanding subscriptions, options, calls, contracts, voting trusts, proxies or other commitments, understandings, restrictions, arrangements, rights or warrants, including any right of conversion or exchange under any outstanding security, instrument or other agreement, obligating Pacific or any of its subsidiaries to issue, deliver or sell, or cause to be issued, delivered or sold, additional shares of the capital stock of Pacific or obligating Pacific or any of its subsidiaries to grant, extend or enter into any such agreement or commitment, other than under the Pacific Rights Agreement.
PACIFIC. Beach warrants and represents to UCB that it has undertaken all commercially reasonable legal and other due diligence in relation to the Licensed IP Rights and the UCB In-Licenses.