Ombudsman Sample Clauses

Ombudsman. A Vendor Ombudsman has been established within the Department of Financial Services. The duties of this office are found in section 215.422, F.S., which include disseminating information relative to prompt payment and assisting contractors in receiving their payments in a timely manner from a Customer. The Vendor Ombudsman may be contacted at (000) 000-0000.
Ombudsman. The Supplier acknowledges that the Ombudsman Act 1972 (SA) empowers the Ombudsman to investigate matters in the public interest. The Supplier must ensure compliance with all obligations arising under that Act and all other applicable laws.
Ombudsman. Bargaining unit members may seek assistance from the University of Washington Ombudsman’s office ( or 206-543-6028).
Ombudsman. The Contractor acknowledges that the Ombudsman Act 1972 (SA) empowers the Ombudsman to investigate matters in the public interest. The Contractor must ensure compliance with all obligations arising under that Act and all applicable Laws.
Ombudsman. Pursuant to FAR 16.505 (a)(10)(i) no protest is authorized in connection with the issuance or proposed issuance of an order under a task-order contract or delivery-order contract, except for (A) a protest on the grounds that the order increases the scope, period of performance, or maximum value of the contract; or (B) a protest of an order valued in excess of $10 million. GSA has appointed an Ombudsman to review complaints from Contractors and ensure they are afforded a fair opportunity to be considered. The Ombudsman is a senior GSA official who is independent of the GSA PCO or OCO.
Ombudsman. The State intends to support an independent Ombudsman outside of the State Medicaid agency to advocate and investigate on behalf of Illinois’ Demonstration Enrollees, including home and community based care and nursing facility-based recipients, to safeguard due process, and to serve as the early and consistent means of identifying systematic problems with the Demonstration. Aside from the independent Ombudsman, Illinois Medicaid also currently operates a hotline open to all Medicaid members, including Medicare-Medicaid Enrollees. CMS will support Ombudsman training on the Demonstration and its objectives, and CMS and the State will provide ongoing technical assistance to the Ombudsman. The Ombudsman will support individual advocacy and independent systematic oversight for the Demonstration, with a focus on compliance with principles of community integration, independent living, and person-centered care in the home and community based care context. The Ombudsman will be responsible for gathering and reporting data on Ombudsman activities to the State and CMS via the Contract Management Team described in Appendix 7 of this MOU.
Ombudsman. If you are not a business debtor, you have the right to complain to the Financial Ombudsman Service. If you are a business debtor, you may have a right to complain to the Financial Ombudsman Service.
Ombudsman. If the Contractor believes it was not fairly considered for a particular Task Order, the Contractor may present the matter to the Contracting Officer. The Contractor may appeal the explanation or decision of the Contracting Officer to the Ombudsman, who is Xxx. Xxxx Xxxxx Lewis, NGB Acquisition Ombudsman National Guard Bureau Directorate of Acquisition (NGB-ZC-PARC) Suite 0000 Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxx 0, 0000 Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxx Highway, Arlington, VA 22202-3231 (000) 000-0000.
Ombudsman. Where a complaint is made against the Board about its action in carrying out the Service, the Board may be subject to an investigation by the Local Government Ombudsman. In the event that an investigation is commenced the Board will co-operate with the Ombudsman in the same way as the Council. Further the Ombudsman has the same powers as the High Court to compel witnesses to attend for interview and to require the production of documents, and the Board will respond immediately to any requirements relating thereto.
Ombudsman. 12.1 The Ombudsman, under the Local Government Xxx 0000, may investigate a complaint made by a Service User of actions taken by the Service Provider whilst operating under the terms of the Contract. The Service Provider must co-operate fully with any such investigation and will bear the cost of any payment made to any complainant where a finding of mal-administration causing injustice as a result of fault is attributable to the Service Provider.