Negotiated Sample Clauses

Negotiated. 8/1/2016 Negotiated: 8/1/2013 Negotiated: 8/1/2010 Negotiated: 11/1/2008 Negotiated: 8/1/2006 Negotiated: 9/27/2003
Negotiated. The parties acknowledge that the parties and their counsel have reviewed and revised this Lease and that the normal rule of construction to the effect that any ambiguities are to be resolved against the drafting party shall not be employed in the interpretation of this Lease or any exhibits or amendments hereto.
Negotiated. The material terms of this Agreement and each Transaction have been and will be individually tailored and negotiated.
Negotiated. 8/1/2016 Negotiated: 11/1/2008 Negotiated: 8/1/2007 Negotiated: 8/1/2006 Replacing ARTICLE 28 – Negotiated: 6/2/2005 Replacing ARTICLE 27 – Negotiated: 9/27/2003
Negotiated. 8/1/2013 Negotiated; 8/1/2010 Negotiated: 11/1/2008 Negotiated: 8/1/2007 Negotiated: 8/1/2006 Negotiated: 9/27/2003 It is the policy of the Agency and the Union to encourage open and frank communications between employees, supervisors, and managers regarding employment concerns, and to seek resolution of such concerns on a direct person-to-person basis by approaching employment problems and concerns in a positive way rather than as adversaries. Such matters should normally be readily resolved between the employee and his/her supervisor or coworker. However, in the event an employee or the Union believes the Agency has violated a term of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, Agency Work Rules, Agency Policies and Procedures, or federal/state law, and after reviewing the matter with the supervisor or appropriate director, is unable to informally resolve the issue(s), the following formalized procedure shall be available to the employee/Union to allow the grievance to be progressively considered as fairly and rapidly as possible.
Negotiated. Crestwood Manor - Fremont Medi-Cal Published Rate 24.00 Alameda SNF/STP - 1134 **Indigent/Medi-Cal Ineligible 32.00 NPI - 1902828403 59.00 93.00 136.00 Negotiated
Negotiated. Document: This Program Agreement is a negotiated document and shall not be construed to have meaning less favorable to one party merely because that party is deemed to be the draftsman of this Program Agreement or any part of it.
Negotiated. Firm Service Off-system (NFT-Off)
Negotiated. A grievance shall be negotiated when necessary to reach a final decision in each of the following steps between the duly designated and appropriate representatives of the parties specified in each step.