Nature of Processing Sample Clauses

Nature of Processing. The Processing performed by INVESTIGATOR mainly consists in: obtaining and tracing the Informed Consent of Patients whose data is collected by CENTER in the EBMT REGISTRY; recording the Patients Data in the EBMT REGISTRY. The Processing performed by EBMT mainly consists in: provisioning of a data collection tool in accordance with Privacy by Design principles; maintaining a secure storage of the Patients Data; authorizing and managing the user accesses to the EBMT REGISTRY; extracting Patients Data from the EBMT REGISTRY. The Processing performed by SFGM-TC consists in: extracting Patients Data from the SFGM-TC SUBSET; The Processing which can be performed by each PARTY consists in: controlling the quality of the Patients Data or of Study Data; transferring the Study Data to other authorized parties, used to conduct research studies (processors, research partners from EBMT or from SFGM-TC, including but not limited to academic partners, industrial partners, or authorized Third Parties such as regulatory agencies); using the Patients Data to conduct healthcare evaluation and improvement studies. Nature du Traitement : Le Traitement effectué par l'INVESTIGATEUR consiste principalement à : obtenir et tracer le Consentement Éclairé des Patients dont les données sont collectées par le CENTRE dans le REGISTRE EBMT ; enregistrer les Données des Patients dans le REGISTRE EBMT. Le Traitement effectué par l’EBMT consiste principalement à : mettre à disposition un outil de collecte de données conforme aux principes de Protection des données dès la conception ; maintenir le stockage sécurisé des Données des Patients ; autoriser et gérer les accès des utilisateurs au REGISTRE EBMT ; extraire les Données des Patients du REGISTRE EBMT. Le Traitement effectué par la SFGM-TC consiste à : extraire les Données des Patients du REGISTRE SFGM-TC. Le Traitement qui peut être effectué par chaque PARTIE consiste à : contrôler la qualité des Données des Patients ou des Données de l'Étude ; transférer les Données de l'Étude à d'autres parties autorisées, pour mener des études de recherche (sous-traitants, partenaires de recherche de l'EBMT ou de la SFGM-TC, y compris, mais sans s'y limiter, des partenaires universitaires, des partenaires industriels ou des tiers autorisés tels que des organismes de réglementation) ; utiliser les Données des Patients pour mener des études d'évaluation et d'amélioration des soins de santé.
Nature of Processing. Use of data in order to contact and liaise with You and in order to supply the Services.
Nature of Processing. Use of data in order to contact and liaise with the Customer and for the supply of the Equipment and Maintenance Services.
Nature of Processing. The Personal Data processed will be subject to the following, to the extent permitted under Data Protection Laws, the Agreement, and the DPSA (please select all that apply): ☐ Receiving data, including collection, accessing, retrieval, recording, and data entry ☐ Holding data, including storage, organization and structuring ☐ Using data, including analyzing, consultation, testing, automated decision making and profiling ☐ Updating data, including correcting, adaptation, alteration, alignment and combination ☐ Protecting data, including restricting, encrypting, and security testingSharing data, including disclosure, dissemination, allowing access or otherwise making available ☐ Returning data to the data exporter or Data Subject ☐ Erasing data, including destruction and deletion ☐ Other (please specify)
Nature of Processing. (The collection, organisations, and hosting of call recordings).
Nature of Processing. The data processor’s processing of personal data on behalf of the data controller shall mainly pertain to (the nature of the processing): ● Storage ● Processing (changing the format of the data into streamable and interactable formats). ● Recording or capture (videos/audio data) via screen capture, call recording, video call recording and videoing via dedicated apps ● Upload captured video data securely ● Adaption or Alteration e.g. clipping via editing feature ● Duplication e.g. via the copy/clone feature ● Annotation via the comment feature ● Organisation via the tagging feature ● Share to other approved Users accounts via the platform ● Erasure or destruction via the delete feature
Nature of Processing. Personal data will be subject to processing activities such as storing, recording, using, sharing, transmitting, analyzing, collecting, transferring, and making available personal data. More details on Cisco’s processing activities of personal data are reflected for certain Services and Products in Cisco’s Privacy Data Sheets available at xxxxx://
Nature of Processing. The Processor may receive the Data or get access to the Data in the following ways: Controller transfers the data to the Processor via a secure connection, Controller inputs the Data via Processor’s online tool, Controller communicates the Data when contacting Processor’s customer support, Processor receives and stores the data in the course of the provision of services.
Nature of Processing. The parties acknowledge and agree that Customer is the Controller of Personal Data and InterVision is the Processor of that data (as each term is defined in the GDPR). The Customer as Controller may submit Personal Data to InterVision or may direct the collection of Personal Data by InterVision. InterVision, acting as Processor, will Process Personal Data only as a service provider to Customer (a) as needed to provide the Services, (b) in accordance with Customer’s documented instructions (including any instructions regarding data transfers to third countries) and (c) as needed to comply with applicable law (in which case InterVision shall provide prior notice to Customer of such legal requirement, unless applicable law prohibits disclosure). With respect to any written instructions received by InterVision, the parties will negotiate in good faith with respect to any change in the Services and/or fees resulting from such instructions. If compelled to disclose Personal Data to a law enforcement or governmental entity or pursuant to other legal process, InterVision will give Customer reasonable notice of the demand to allow Customer to seek a protective order or other remedy to the extent InterVision is legally permitted to do so. Categories of Data Subjects: Data subjects may include but are not limited to: (i) Customer’s prospects, customers, business partners, vendors of Customer; (ii) employees or contact persons of Customer’s prospects, customers, business partners and vendors; (iii) employees, agents, advisors, freelancers or Customers; and (iv) representatives and end users, such as employees, applicants, contractors, collaborators, partners of any of the foregoing listed in (i) through (iii) . Data subjects also include individuals attempting to communicate or transfer Personal Data to users of the Services. Types of Personal Data: Types of Personal Data processed may include office email, personal contact information (name, address, contact details), office contact information (name, address, title, contact details), financial information (credit card details, account details, payment information), employment details (employer, job title, geographic location, area of responsibility), computer device tracking information (IP addresses, cookies data, location data), system usage data and other electronic data submitted, stored, or transmitted by the Customer, or the Customer’s end users, via systems InterVision uses to deliver Services to the Customer...
Nature of Processing. The Contractor shall provide the Customer with the farmpilot standard service with existing standard functionalities. In doing so, he shall use the farmpilot IT infrastructure, the farmpilot app and farmpilot web portal. The Customer shall enter its own as well as the data of its customer if applicable via farmpilot. This data shall be stored and retrieved in partly processed form. Address data, geo data and additional plot-related information shall be entered in the system by the Customer them- selves. Process-related data, position data and machine data as well as working times of the Cus- tomer's staff and/or subcontractors shall be generated during order processing and transmit- xxx to the system through mobile communications.