Mixing Sample Clauses

Mixing. Concrete ingredients shall be mixed thoroughly in the mechanical mixer and the mixing shall be continued until there is a uniform distribution of the ingredients and the mass is uniform in colour and consistency. Minimum mixing time shall be 2 minutes or as determined by the Engineer. The accuracy of the measuring equipment shall be within +2 percent of the quantity of cement being measured and within +3 percent of the quantity of aggregate and water being measured.
Mixing. Lessee shall have the right to commingle Ore from the Property or from other properties. Before commingling, the Ore from the Property and other Ore shall be measured and sampled by Lessee in accordance with sound mining and metallurgical practice for metal content. Representative samples of Ore and other Ores shall be retained by Lessee, and assays of these samples shall be made before commingling to determine the metal content of each Ore. Detailed records shall be kept by Lessee showing measurements, assays of metal content and gross metal content of the Ore and other Ore and such records shall be made available to Lessor at all reasonable times for examination and copying.
Mixing. No mixing of concrete or mortar is permitted anywhere other than within the boundaries of the ERF.
Mixing. Wafers of different device types can not be shipped in the same container.
Mixing. After ore and product from the Premises have been sampled and measured in accordance with industry practices, in such manner as will permit the computation of payments to be made hereunder, Gentor may mix the same with ores, materials or products from other lands.
Mixing. The materials shall, unless otherwise directed by the Engineer, be mixed in approved mechanical batch mixers. In each case, the number and capacity of mixers employed shall be sufficient for the concreting operations being undertaken, shall allow for sufficient reserve capacity at all times and shall be subject to the approval of the Engineer. The mixing shall continue until there is a uniform distribution of the materials and the mass is uniform in colour and consistency, but in no case shall the mixing be for less than 2 minutes after all the ingredients are in the mixer. Water shall be added prior to, during and following the mixer-charging operations. Overmixing requiring the addition of water to preserve the required concrete consistency will not be permitted. No dry material shall be introduced into a mixer until all material from the previous batch has been removed and the interior of the mixing drum has been cleaned of encrustations of concrete or mortar. Remixing of concrete or the addition of water to a mixture that has already begun to set or that is otherwise unsuitable for casting shall not be permitted and such concrete shall be wasted. When a concrete mixer has been out of use for more than 20 minutes, or when the type of cement is changed, the mixer shall be thoroughly cleaned before a fresh batch of concrete is made in it. The Engineer may in exceptional cases permit hand mixing of lean and other non-reinforced concrete. No hand mixing shall be done unless authorised in writing by the Engineer. The batches in hand mixing shall not exceed 1/6 of a cu.m. Hand mixed concrete shall not be used until the mixing of the whole batch has been completed and the concrete is of uniform colour and consistency. Hand mixing shall be done twice on dry aggregate, and at least twice wet, on a clean and even surface, which will prevent the loss of water during mixing. The water added shall be measured in order to prevent the use of an excessive quantity of water. When mixing by hand, the quantity of cement shall be increased by 10% above that specified above in Section 202.3.
Mixing. The Contractor shall use equipment capable of handling and applying shotcrete containing the specified maximum size aggregate and admixtures.
Mixing. The cement and sand should be thoroughly mixed in dry condition. After dry mixing the materials shall be wetted with just sufficient water to bring the mortar to proper consistency of thick paste. Mortar should be used immediately after mixing and arrangements shall be made so that not more than 30 minutes elapse between the cement first coming in contact with the moisture and laying. In all exterior plaster works waterproofing compound to be added to the mortar as per the specification of the manufacturer,if not indicated in the item rate quoted should be inclusive of the same.